Documents Required to Study in China

China is a land of opportunities. Building located in the Eastern part of Asia, it offers a wide scope of studies employment and business. China belongs to one of the world’s earliest civilizations. It is supported by the fertile basin of Yellow River in the north China plain. It has evolved in all industries including the education. China has introduced hundreds of universities for or the students who want to Study Medicine in China. There is a very high possibility that they can do it at very reasonable cost. Latest throw light on the documents required to take admission in the universities of China.

1. Important Mark sheets

All the students of different countries must submit the mark sheets of two classes. Those classes are class 10th and class 12th. These certificates are mandatory as the show your academic qualification and capabilities. They also serve as a proof that you have done the certificate courses in reality.

2. Transfer Certificate

TC or Transfer certificate is a very basic document which is required to take admission in the Graduation Courses, Master’s Degree Courses or Doctoral Degree Programs. Transfer certificate is a document that signifies the transfer of a student from one school to another, from one college to another college or from one University to another University.

Without this document, no student can take admission in any university in the world. At Graduation level, one needs a School Transfer Certificate; at Post Graduation Level, one needs a Transfer Certificate from the College or University of home country and for Doctoral Degree Programs, one need the Transfer Certificate from the respective University for College from where Graduation has been done.

3. Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate is the certificate which is to take admission in Chinese Medical University for taking admission in Graduation Programs. The certificate only signifies that the candidate is leaving the school now and is eligible to take admission in a College or a University.

4. Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation is a document which is signed by two professors of the College and University from where the applicant has done graduation or post graduation. This is compulsory for taking admission in a Chinese Medical College or University, for post graduation and doctoral degree programs. This letter of Recommendation recommends the university or college to let the student take admission based on his ethical and academic performance in the College or University of the home country.

5. Other important documents

The Other very important documents along with these are passport copies and application forms for pursuing the degree of MBBS from the respective Chinese Medical University. These application forms may be different in number depending upon the university you want admission in. You can be some other necessary documents like No Criminal Record Certificate and Medical Check-Up Certificates.

China MBBS education institution decides the The requirement of all these documents. One of the requirements to Study MBBS in China for Students was to apply for 30 day student visa in the Chinese Embassy. This is no more the case now. The applicant only needs to submit all these documents along with the application forms only to any of the medical universities in China. This is little simpler now.