Digital Transformation Technologies

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation (DT) is the process of binding digital into the legacy workflow of any enterprise with implementation of various digital transformation technologies. It is the re-imagining business solution that is the consulted result by the top-notch business analyst. According to an analysis the digital innovation in the business workflow has brought great customer acquisition, increased revenues and enhanced brand image.  There are various possibilities for easy business flow enabled by transforming digitally that includes:

  • Customer access to the services at 24*7
  • Bio-metrics access, automatic attendance
  • Intelligent assistance to ease life
  • Connected world by integrating physical with electrical
  • Accessibility of business at mobility
  • Reaching customer base by social means
  • Large data storage need
  • Easy backup access
  • Lowering the core budget
  • Customized business need
  • E-chain, E-retail, E-solution of business model

Digital transformation Technologies

There are numerous technologies for digital transformation with continuous improvement.  The upcoming technologies that are bringing the digital revolution are as follows:

1. Cloud computing:  

Cloud computing is the trending digital transformation technologies in the IT world, it’s enablement in the business has immensely brought down the core capital investment. The businesses are then utilizing the capital to expand the core business, or improving infrastructure and other advancing functionality.

Rebuilding the software and renting it to the client by internet or providing and managing large databases/storehouse to the client at easy pay-as-you-go method has immensely improved its market scope.

2. mApp development

Customers are getting more inclined towards mobility, so that brings the need for the business to move into the mobile world. Digital revolution has gained the momentum and the IT enablers have built the platform dependent and independent mobile apps that are making business reachable by the busy advanced millennial. The various trending technologies include Android, iOS, cross-platform and Blackberry.

3. Customer Experience (CX) and Social Marketing

Now the customer expectation has increased a lot, they expect a very fast and prompt response to their needs from all companies. The digital transformation in chats has brought an intelligent solution of ‘Chatbot’. The intelligence in chatbox has made the business at customer reach for 24*7.

The social marketing is accomplished by content management, Search Engine Optimization and Social Marketing Optimization brought into reality by various tools and technologies.

4. Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the analysis of huge data from various sources into usable information.  It is the predictive analytics that is brought to reality with the help of various technologies like Hadoop, PHP and machine learning. The programming brings the big clutches into significant excel or any other mean of storing option for easy analysis.

5. IoT (Internet Of Things):

IoT is the also one of the trending digital transformation technologies in the journey towards digital revolution. It brings security, energy saving and integration with the physical world. Utilized in the various sectors such as healthcare, retail, the consumer application, infrastructure management and environment management it has brought a significant improvement in the required functionality and also improved the customer experience.

6. AI(Artificial Intelligence): 

Planting intelligence into machines is made into reality with the AI implementation. Artificial implementation has not replaced the human but has improved their workflow. It is implied on various divisions such as HR, healthcare, automotive, insurance, finance and banking and other. AI technology has boomed the market and evolved the various verticals to a great extent. They bring the intelligence assistance to the workflow of any enterprise.

7. Blockchain:

The blockchain is the backbone of a new type of Internet; they are the cause of cryptocurrency that is a boom in the market. It is the result of new concept “decentralization”. Decentralization simply means that the network will operate on a user-to-user basis rather than the interruption of a centralized system. Blockchain cuts the middleman that was previously responsible for currency management and distribution. Some other usability of Blockchain are, Smart contracts, Sharing economy, Crowd funding, Supply chain auditing, Data management and other.

8. Digital Security:

The growing inclination towards digital life has also resulted in the increase of cyber crimes. The latest being the ransom-ware that has affected many countries. The other concerns of digital security are database threat, stealing of personal information, virus attack, and server stealing. So to deal with these digital security threats a proper security should be brought into action.  Some of the solutions to data security are Power DOM, Video RECLAM and Archive Server.

9. Design:

The UI/UX is the main factor for customer retention and seen as the foremost approach in any digital project implementation. The introduction of 3D/4D in the designing process and the implementation of I-frame in the banner have revolutionized the design process.


The digital transformation has brought a revolution that is enhancing the customer, business and operational process of an enterprise. To deal with these transformations various technologies are used that are the result of continuous improvement in the technical world.

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