We all know that nowadays it is all about Google ranking and SEO. There are a number of techniques you can use for improving your SEO like looking for custom paper writing services,  conducting a thorough target audience research and properly planning your keyword and SEO strategy. But one of the best ways to grow your relationship with the related communities, build backlinks and increase the domain authority to upgrade your SEO is Guest Blogging.

If used correctly, guest blogging can become a valuable tool. It is beneficial for both guest bloggers and publishers who aim to generate more website traffic. This is also the fastest way to increase your authority via popular websites and blogs. It is not a concrete service that will guarantee certain results. But it will certainly make your life easier if you are an aspiring blogger. Here we will present a list of benefits that guest blogging technique has on your website content. Google recognize them and will upgrade your contents SEO ranking.

Guest Blogging

1. Generates more website traffic

When you backlink your content on any popular blog it will probably be visited by a great number of audience that is regular to the original blog. The best results are, of course, when your content is guest published on an already established blog. It generates a lot of traffic. Most importantly is closely related to your content in terms of theme or topic. That way you will not be forced to turn to some extreme methods like buying website traffic. So, start guest blogging and generate traffic!

2. Improve your exposure

Guest blogging provides you with greater exposure to the online community through various blogs. This will help you increase your popularity and with that popularity, your brand becomes stronger. It is simple, the more people read your content, the bigger the chance to get more subscribers. And a high number of subscribers is what all bloggers and webmasters are aiming for.

3. Quickly improves your writing experience

In the end, it all comes down to sheer writing. The better your writing is, the better is the content. And the better is the content the more audience is drawn to your blog. When using the Guest Blogging technique your writing experience will grow rapidly and you will be able to create more quality content in much less time. That is a highly valuable skill in this line of work. You can also look through the freelance writing jobs websites like WritersDepartment.com for extra writing practice.

4. Build quality backlinks for better SEO

If a guest blogger posts his content on a publisher blog and in his content includes a link to a page related to the author, he gets backlinks in the author bio. This, along with proper use and placement of keywords will tremendously improve your search engine ranking. The important thing is to not overdo it. You can include one link and a couple of keywords and you will witness your SEO skyrocketing.

5. Get more feedback from your audience

The serious readers of high-quality blogs have a tendency of constantly sharing their opinion and reviewing the content they read. This is a good feature of the Guest Blogging technique because it provides you with audience feedback on which you can base your future content and improve the quality of your blog. Not to mention that more commented content builds a better SEO.

6. Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

By using the Guest Blogging technique and generating more website traffic, you will further improve your domain authority. That will make your website go higher up the Google ranking list and improve its position in search results.

7. Diversify your audience

When you post your content on another blog that is related to your content, you have a greater chance to acquire more audience, as we already said. But if you post your content at a blog that is not so closely related to your theme you can further spread your audience by reaching out to readers who were not a part of your target audience initially and would not consider reading your content if it was not published as a guest blog. This is a risky method but can highly contribute to diversifying your audience and further improving your Google ranking.

8. Improve your Blogging Authority

If you manage to connect with some top bloggers from your blogging niche and post your content on their blogs, you will greatly improve your blogging authority within that niche. That way you are on a right path to become an authority blogger and to have your name acknowledged across the blogging world. The Guest Blogging technique will help you to rapidly build a name for yourself, and that is one of the most important characteristics of a great blogger.

9. Increase your credibility

With Guest Blogging a content writer builds its personal portfolio of writing content on a wider scale. This will help to improve your reputation and credibility. That way readers will develop a certain level of trust and loyalty towards your blog and it will be easier for them to adopt any new content that you post and at the same time, they will be more reluctant to abandon you as an audience.

10. Increase your follower base

As you saw that Guest Blogging technique provides you with a fresh flow of readers, it is logical to assume that it will help you build a bigger follower base. Since the readers of other blogs get turned towards your blog they often become your subscribers. And once you can persuade them to follow your blog it safe to say that there is a greater chance they will be willing to read your other content and thus increase traffic to your other blogs. This features very valuable and makes you in demand in the ever-growing blogger’s world.


In the end, you can see that Guest Blogging technique proves to be a great platform for bloggers to connect and get widely known by large groups of people across the online community. By using this method, you will acquire more followers and build a strong website and domain authority. Apart from that it will highly contribute to your writing experience and will enable you to create a quality content. All of that makes your content much more appreciated by Google as a search engine, and greatly improves your SEO ranking.

Nowadays, when internet and Google as an integral part of it became essential to our everyday life, the position on Google’s ranking list turns out to be a focal point for any aspiring online entrepreneur. Especially Bloggers and webmasters, whose online existence depends solely on Search Engine Optimization. For every one of you who belong to that group, it is advisable to use the Guest Blogging technique to further improve your content and make it more Google-friendly, for a happier online future.

By Punit