The Amazon marketplace remains one of the most popular options for businesses looking for a simple way to get their products in front of the world’s largest e-commerce audiences and fulfill the inevitable orders. However, sellers must use high-quality Amazon product photography that hits the conversion targets to compete in an increasingly crowded market.

On Amazon, product images are how customers interact with your business. Product photos are more significant to 63 percent of customers than product descriptions. Because it is the first impression of your entire product listing, a product’s image is the first significant opportunity to produce a sale.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind if you want to create appealing and professional product photography. Let’s get going.

1. Start With A Consistent Strategy

It is relatively simple to sell just one product on Amazon. However, it will take some time if you have an extensive catalog of products to sell on the Amazon Marketplace.

You can begin by branding. Plan out how you’ll present your products and how they’ll fit into your internet presence. It could be a logo, a setting, or a color palette. Because potential buyers are visiting your listing, no photo should appear to be from another website. You must maintain their consistency.

2. Set The Appropriate Lighting

Even the most unappealing product may be brought to life with the correct lighting. This, in turn, aids in the conversion of sales.

Natural light, ideally a soft setting dispersed uniformly throughout the product, is preferable for most products. While it may not always be possible, artificial illumination can be used with the help of umbrellas/reflectors or a DIY lightbox. This is to see which choice produces the best results.

3. The Allure Of A White Backdrop

The image should be sharp, well-lit, and have realistic color and smooth edges. In addition, the main photos must have a pure white background to blend perfectly with Amazon’s search and item detail pages. A plain white background seems more professional and cleaner from an aesthetic standpoint. It also makes colored items stand out.

Using a photography shooting tent or curved background helps eliminate shadows and cancels sharp angles that can make an image appear harsh. However, the in-context product photography is unquestionably controversial. Some products may seem better in natural settings, while others may not. If you’re unsure which option will result in greater sales, try a few different things to determine what works best.

4. Show The Product From Varied Angles

It’s always better to have a few product photographs than just one or two. This is because the customers you’re selling it to may have never seen it in person. They have no concept of how your product looks or feels. People want to see the texture and color of what’s inside the package, so providing them with various images from various angles is critical.

When it comes to Amazon, the “main picture” is the first image that appears on the product and search pages. Remember that the main picture always shows the product from the front. As a result, displaying the product’s back view is unnecessary.

The rest of the images, on the other hand, must show the product from every angle possible to help a customer envision how it will look when they receive it.

5. Incorporate At Least One Lifestyle Image

Lifestyle or context photography, which shows your product in use in a styled shot, allows customers to imagine how they would include your product into their lives or the way of life they desire.

At least one of your child’s images should be a lifestyle shot showing the product in action. Not only does it provide customers a better idea of how it’s utilized, but the extra details and aesthetics might help tip the scales in your favor.

Final Words

It’s critical to master this first impression because photographs are one of the first things a customer looks at. It’s not a big deal if you already know this information, but if you have to learn it from the beginning, that’s a significant time investment. That’s one of the reasons why many Amazon sellers hire amazon product photography experts to photograph their products and escape the hassle.

By Punit