When you want to look slimmer very fast you have one solution: to wear shapewear. Of course, is very important to chose high quality body shapers because only this way you will have the desired effect and will look your best!

So, you will have to pay attention to the design the full body shaper has, to the fabric from which is made of, to the colour and the size and also to the level of compression it has. It is best to go for bodysuits with medium to high compression. 

Below you will find a few examples of the best body shapers you can chose if you want a visible slimming effect. 

Body Shapers Styles

1. The seamless full body shaper 

Probably one of the best choices for a beautiful slimming effect is the full body shaper that has no seams. This bodysuit will compress your entire upper body and even your thighs, making you look a lot slimmer. It will hide any excess fat you might have on your tummy or on your back, will accentuate your waist line, will lift your breasts and booty, while adding compression to your thighs as well making them thinner.

You will see that by wearing this body shaper you will be able to maintain your waist trainer before and after results that you’ve managed to get with so much effort. With this bodysuit you can wear all those tight clothes that you want, because no one will know that you are wearing shapewear as it has no visible seams!

Body Shapers Styles

2. The full body shaper made out of lace

Even a full body shaper can be made out of special fabrics like lace. So, if you want to feel super sexy, this is a fantastic choice. It will make you look slimmer, while making you feel super feminine and confident, the perfect combination. Imagine wearing it with jeans and a shirt where you leave the first 3 buttons open so that the lace details to be visible. This is such a chic and sexy combo! 

Body Shapers Styles

3. The tummy control body shaper

If you need extra control for your tummy, so that you will have a perfectly flat abdomen, then this bodysuit is the best shapewear for tummy and waist. The abdomen part of this body shaper has 3 layers, which means it provides a super high compression on your tummy. It also has 2 stainless steel ribs at the waist to prevent curling and is made out of soft and breathable fabric!

Body Shapers Styles

4. The adjustable butt lifting body shaper

Why not a body shaper that besides making you look slimmer instantly will also make your booty look fabulous. This bodysuit does the job, it adds maximum compression to the waist and the abdomen hiding all the excess fat you might have and it also enhances your butt curve, making it look rounder and bigger. Plus, it is also seamless, so you can wear it with anything your heart desires. And the best thing about it is the fact that you can wear it with open shoulders or low back blouses and dresses.

Body Shapers Styles

5. The full body shaper with sleeves 

For the colder season and not only, this full body shaper will make you slimmer while keeping you warm with the long sleeves and midi legs. You will practically get to look super fit, with a few sizes slimmer, while feeling super comfortable due to this design that covers your entire body. This is the perfect bodysuit for all those bodycone midi dresses, because it will reshape your lower body part too and not only the upper part as the most shapewear items do. 

By Punit