Bakery Food

Are you aware of the situations that you can face after consuming bakery food? Bakery food can be harmful and dangerous for you. Basically, bakery food is a food that is baked. Bakery is a kind of establishment that actually produces and sells different flour based foods that are baked in the oven. Talking about a few examples that you are already consuming are bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. Different bakeries have characterized their different food items.

Almost every person in this generation is so fond of having bakery food, the taste is amazing. Isn’t it? But with the same taste comes a lot of things. These things are sometimes the only reason for diseases. Do you know how these bakery foods can affect you and your body? Even they can be dangerous in terms of the future as well. Lets see how some famous bakery items that are delicious but are dangerous at the same time.

Here is the list of 21 most popular baked items that are dangerous and can create problems in your body.

1.) Cakes


Cakes have a very high amount of Carbohydrates and fats as well. So, it is obvious that it will help you to gain more weight and the sugar is used in cake. It can increase the Glucose level in your blood that can be a diabetic problem in the long run. Cakes which consist of chocolates and the nuts have also very high serotonin content. It can also make you feel excited and happy. It can also cause the psychological impact on the body. It has a really undesirable effect on the body.

It can also raise your blood cholesterol levels. There is a substance named Marijuana in cakes capable of causing the psycho activities and undesirable effect that also includes mood lifting and excitement as well. There are also dyes in some velvet cakes that are used for some colouring purposes. It can also cause digestion related problems as well. It can be very allergic to some people. There are types of cakes like lazy cakes, it can also cause sleeplessness, numbness and weakness. There are various side effects of cakes on the digestive system as well.

2.) Muffins


Muffins, we all love muffins right? They are purchased in the store and filled with processed Sugars and processed fats that are very bad for health. Also, if we talk about the other reason. These muffins have so many calories. If we cook the muffins at home or bake them at home, then you might reduce some amount of processed sugar and fat by substituting some or the other ingredients. The fats are still here. It has calories maybe lower but yes it has. You are also consuming some fats as well.

Your health is also important. If you are going to eat muffins regularly, the amount of calories will increase in a day. Muffins are actually pretending. They act like they are breakfast but they are not easily acceptable. We can term them as a cake that gives you so many calories. A single piece of muffin can have at least 665 Calories, which is not a small amount of number to consume in a day. These muffins are altogether the reason to increase your fat and rather than give you some diseases related to your heart.

3.) Pizza


Pizza is the most  lovable food of today’s generation. But we all are aware of its disadvantages and if not then let’s see.  Pizza is a kind of junk food that is the reason for the weight gain in many groups. It is also estimated that around 3500 calories in excess can increase in weight by 1 pound. Therefore if a person is consuming 500 calories daily, it can harm the body. Pizza is not at all safe.

It not only increases the fat but also increases the risk of stroke because the sodium is essential for maintaining the normal flow and it is not advised to consume more than 150gm but because of this food you can excess on the Sodium and in the blood pressure which improves the risk of stroke. Junk foods and specialised Pizzas also have been the problem in the last few years not only that it is also responsible for the gastrointestinal disorders.

The pizza has a massive amount of Carbohydrates and also has a stomach problem that may be difficult to digest. It can also cause several disorders. Also, it can cause skin problems as it can secrete sebum oils and can cause acne breakouts.

4.) Cheesecake


When we hear the name of the cheese and cheesecake, it is the year round favourite. It is the most amazing dessert which has different varieties of flavours but are you actually aware that a typical piece of cheesecake contains more than 250 Calories and also somehow it is in grams. It is bad and dangerous for the body.  The dessert is the saturated fat that is hidden in each slice. It is almost 10 grams which is not at all good.

This fat is bad and it also has a saturated fat that can raise your cholesterol. It may also increase the risk of heart disease and stroke as well. The American Association recommends that eating more than 13 grams of saturated fat everyday it’s not at all good. You can grab a lot of diseases, if you are eating them. If you are having a very good diet then it is not advisable.

5.) Pies


Pie is the bakery product. It contains almost 500 gm of calories in a single pie. It is not at all advice to eat this bakery product. It can really harm you. This can increase your cholesterol and it can create a problem in your digestive system. It is not at all advised to eat the pie.

6.) Biscuit


Biscuits are an all time favourite snack. Not all biscuits can provide remedies for the digestive disorders. It can also have bad effects for example it has a gluten allergy that is one of the major side effects of biscuits. Also these biscuits contain refined flour. They can also cause constipation in some or the Other individuals. There are various diseases. Since, there are way more different flavors used in the snacks. This could be the main problem for the digestive system.

7.) Coffee


Even whenever we are having a bad day. A cup of coffee is always a saviour. But do you know a bad quality coffee can contain a lot of impurities in it and also can cause sickness, headache or a general bad feeling. It can also kill you. Yes, it is true that if you drink 80- 100 cups in a short session then this is the Lethal dose and it contains 10 gram of caffeine in your body.

It can kill you or can also cause Insomnia and restlessness. It is not safe for people who are having such problems. A woman who is pregnant, then is not advised to drink it. This can reach the foetus and the foetus is actually sensitive to caffeine. It also contains the high cholesterol rate and it can be very harmful for the kids as well.

8.) Pastry


Pastries are the smaller version of cake. Let’s talk about the pastries. They have an even higher amount of sugar present and include different flavours. For example, strawberry, chocolate. It would cause damage to the digestive system and is not proper and is unhealthy for the body. These are  highly addictive foods but it also contains flaws and trans fats as well. Therefore they are the reason for heart, cancer, diabetes, stroke, autoimmune diseases and many others. Although these contain a lot of non starchy amounts of food which can cause massive heart attacks and are scary enough. They can cause cancer as well if taken on a very daily basis.

9.) Bread


Bread, almost everyone consumes this thing and this is the most eaten meal. It contains iron, magnesium as well but are you aware of its disadvantages? The highly processed flour and the additives in white package bread is unhealthy. Therefore consuming too much white bread can contribute to  diabetes,obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It is not guaranteed healthy food. It includes preservatives and added Sugars and salt and it does not contribute to the health.

There are preservatives that can stay fresh for longer and the preservatives are there to maintain its freshness. Therefore, if the preservatives are the substitute. It can go to your stomach and create a massive impact on your digestive and immunity system. It can weaken the immunity and can cause constipation as well. Therefore, it is not at all advisable to eat this bread.

10.) Cupcake


Cupcakes generally contain a large amount of calories and fat. If we  talk about the regular size cupcakes, then it contains chocolate frosting and the consumer  can take up more calories than 1550 grams. Talking particularly about Vanilla cupcakes and Vanilla frosting, it can contain a similar amount of calories and fat. Therefore, eating too many calories on a daily basis is an unhealthy amount and causes Type 2 diabetes.

Even worse, it also has saturated fat as well which can also be the reason for the growth in the cholesterol level and the chances of developing heart disease. Many of the trans fats are also present and these are the reasons for the rise in the cholesterol level. It can put you to the heart attack and stroke as well. Therefore, it is not advised to eat cupcakes. Cupcake is a smaller version of the cake and pastries.

11.) Doughnut


A mouth-watering dish or we can say a mouth-watering snack. We can consider it. Doughnut, it is not as it sees. One small doughnut can cost you 252-550 Calories and 15 to 30 grams of sugar with the real problem. Sugar is present in a small package which comes out the load of insulin. It can try to accommodate your sugar spike. It can lead to a massive Sugar Crush.

Therefore it can also make your body unhealthy with the carbs as well. It is not at all advisable as it is also saturated with fat and sodium. Sodium is a substance which can make your blood pressure high. You can have some kind of hypertension or it can also increase your risk for stroke as well.

12.) Bagel


Who doesn’t love bagels for breakfast but it is a calorie dense breakfast. People are always surprised and a little bit tensed to hear how many slices of bread actually are equal to a single bagel. It is a modest dish which contains 300 Calories and 1.5 gram of Fat. Also added some steam cheese at 50 Calories and 5 grams of fat per tablespoon are added. It is just like eating 6 slices of bread. It comes from the breath sequences and since it is more into Calories and fat.

Some chocolate chips and sugar toppings are also added. It is the perfect dish for the people who want to increase their body weight because for normal healthy people, it can cause various diseases. For example, the digestive system diseases. It can cause a digestion problem and can weaken the immunity system to some extent. It can also cause heart strokes as well. If people are having cholesterol problems they are not at all advisable to eat this dish but there are still some chances to make this dish healthy. Still beside all the ways this dish will contain a lot of fat and carbs.

13.) Macaron


Macron is a mouth-watering snack but it also has numerous Side Effects. It contains a high sugar level and it does not provide the essential nutrients. We can also say that it also causes the deteriorating tooth. It has sugar that is high in Fructose and it can also cause various problems in the liver. The sugar can overload and can also cause insulin resistance which can later lead to diabetes.

There are excessive amounts of sugar and it can cause inflammation which is the leading cause of pain in a human body. Macrons also contain very heaps of  calories. It could be significantly contributed to weight gain and the nutrient deficiency in the long run. This is not healthy physically and mentally for the people. It may look like a delightful desert but it is actually not.

14.) Confection


Confection is actually Candy in simple language. It can cause the tooth decay in kids and increase the sweets that are stuck on obesity is one of the major problems that happens. This can also have a harmful effect on the nervous system and it can cause detention and Insomnia with the risk of cavities. It also lowers the immunity and causes acne. We are all aware of the harmful effects of Candy on a person. The jaw pain and the headaches are the major cause sometimes the bad. The measure effect of these sweets is that it can very adversely affect  the small children.

15.) Croissant


Well, Croissant is considered a breakfast but it is more of a desert than breakfast. Its signature  nature is that it has a high butter to flourish. You can make this dish easily but keep in mind that it is very high in saturated fat as well. Croissants are not at all healthy. It can also give higher calories. It is light and fluffy looking but it actually has a great amount of carbs and fats. A croissant contains 500 calories.

16.) Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon is a kind of snack that is made from the inner bark of cinnamon. Well, if we talk about the cinnamon roll then it is a more roll that improves heart condition but there is a side effect of eating cinnamon as well. It can cause liver damage and there are several studies that have proved that it can cause liver toxicity and damage it. This can also increase the risk of cancer. It has more of the cancer issues. It can cause the mouth swelling as well that includes jaw or gum swelling.

This can also cause a burning and itching sensation and have the white patches in the mouth. It is important to note that it can cause several things right. It may lower the blood sugar and have a chronic high sugar. This can become the main issue. It may lead to diabetes and other things. This lowers the blood sugar and can cause tiredness, dizziness and possibly fainting as well. It can also cause breathing problems.

17.) Burger


Burgers can actually be very high in dietary cholesterol and saturated fat dietary cholesterol. Saturated fat  can actually raise the level of cholesterol in the body and it can also increase the risk of heart disease. It also contains saturated fat and the calorie diet as well. If you are reducing your consumption, but eating a veg side then you should know that even a veg burger is not at all available.

It also contains some calories, the beta vegetarian burger or non veg burger. These both are high in sodium therefore it can cause the blood sugar level to increase and it can also cause the increased risk of heart disease stroke and kidney diseases. Therefore, you can limit your Consumption by avoiding them.

18.) Patties


Patties are not only made from a lot of potatoes but since it also contains some fat as well. Due to which people don’t understand that it is un- healthy to eat. It has more saturated fat and calories that can increase your body sugar level and it can also create a mess in your body. This is very harmful for the digestive system as well and meanwhile if we consider the immunity and Liver system, it can be as bad as you can ever imagine.

Also, it is not at all advice for the children to eat because people and the children eat it during the Breakfast time or evening snacks time. But it is not advised to eat it. It can cause various issues that are not under our hands and it can be very bad for your body as well. So it is advised to stay away if you are looking for a healthy body.

19.) Ice-Cream


Icecream, the name sounds amazing but it is actually not. It is high in calories although very low in nutrients. It also has added sugar and flavours as well. Although low fat and no sugar added are somehow held, the calories are still dense and the various sweeteners that are added can be the basic problem. It can cause bloating and indigestion. It also contains more potassium, calcium and sodium. And, we are already aware of the fact that  the sodium intake can also cause many other problems.

20.) Rolls


Be it chocolate roll or a strawberry roll. We all love to eat it but since rolls are not only made from the particular ingredients but also various flavours are also added that is the main reason for the bloating issue and since it is very much high in calories present. It can also be harmful for your body and it is not advised to eat on a daily basis.

21.) Sandwich


Sandwiches are the most lovable fast food but fast food can decrease the blood flow in the arteries. The blood flows in the arteries can Slow Down some up to 20%. The conclusion is that it is a high-fat breakfast which can consume many individuals daily but since it has more calories and can increase the level of blood. It can cause artery strokes as well. This can also have a harmful effect on your cholesterol level. It can lower the good ones and can also increase heart risks and diabetes as well. Meanwhile there are some reports that show it can decrease the immunity level. 

By kamlesh