Can Italian Food Affect Your Body

Can Italian food harm your body? Are you consuming it daily without knowing the consequences? Then, you must read and observe if the dishes you are eating are healthy enough or not. Italian food is Mediterranean food that consists of different recipes and ingredients that are used all across the world. The Italian cuisine emerged from ancient greek and Romanian cuisine.

Italian food consists of different items that are preferred by almost everyone. But are you aware of the disadvantages of this food? This actually can harm you in many ways. These foods affect us more than we realize. It has both positive and negative effects and it all depends upon what you consume, how much you consume, and for how long.

Let’s explore the different Italian foods and how they can affect our body:

1.)  Deep Dish Meat Lover’s Pizza

This dish is not at all healthy for someone to consume as it has a crust of carbohydrates. Carbs are a type of calorie that can get indulged in your body more quickly than any other protein or vitamin. The sausage, meat present in the food is quite enough for a bomb blast of fat in your body and can stop your arteries to work anytime. It can also spike your blood sugar and affect your body in a way that you cannot get rid of it.

2.) Stuffed Shells

One of the unhealthiest foods that you are ever going to have. It is the most deadly combination of fat and carbs. It contains different varieties of fat-filled cheese, giant shells of pasta for the carbs. If you are looking out for a portion of diet food and that too healthy one then you need to avoid this dish.

3.) Spaghetti Carbonara

The main thing over here is the carb-rich pasta. Then four egg yolks, a cup of cheese are also added to accompany. If that is not enough half a pound of bacon is also added to the dish to increase the calories and fat. Some even add cream for a good mixture.

4.) Parmesan Risotto

Talking about the traditional way to make any kind of Italian dish is to make it with olive oil, lots of butter, and parmesan cheese. Rice is also the main source of carbohydrates and fats. The above-mentioned combination can harm the body to an extent as it can increase the glycemic index and gives a hike in blood sugar as well. Eating this dish is a bad choice.

5.) Cannoli

White Flour and Sugar are the main things used in the dish. Moreover, the carbs and the glycemic index are more in the flour and of course the double in the sugar. After then this dish is soaked again in fat and fried too. This dish contains a lot of cheese-filled sugar and also its topping is full of calories and fat. This makes the dish a bad option to eat.

6.) Eggplant Parmesan

It is a vegetable dish, so the first thing that strikes the mind is how it can be bad? But it is pretty bad. Leaving vegetables, the eggplant is there. The eggplant is not an option instead it has plenty of flour and breadcrumbs and fried in oil particularly. Apart from that, it is layered with Mozzarella and parmesan cheese making it a deadly combination of fat. If you need to avoid calories then you need to avoid this dish.

7.) Fried Calamari

Initially, it seems like a simple and innocent pile of seafood that is full of proteins but actually, it is not. Yes, with seafood you can intake proteins but the high carb flour and the breadcrumbs that are used are fried in the tones of oil. It is not at all a good choice if you are eating for your health and managing your weight.

This Italian dish when fried in oil makes it full of calories and fat, which indeed makes it capable of spiking your sugar level and also increasing fat in your body. This can in turn increase your fat and affect your health. You can switch to some other dish that is healthier and will not affect the body.

8.) Zeppole

Zeppole is the fried dough specialty that is found. It is topped with sugar, custard, and jelly. And if that’s not enough it also has a combination of honey and butter. The butter is so well crisped in the dish and you can say it is almost the best meal for the people who want to eat and consume a lot of fat.

Since this particular dish also contains custard and different sweet things, we can analyze the amount of sugar that a person is going to consume after having this dish. This particular dish is full of calories. Also, we know about calories, it does not help indeed it increases the level of fat in the body.

9.) Colomba Pasquale

Almonds are good for health and so is the dish. This myth is entertained by most people but the reality hits differently. This dish contains different things that are not at all healthy. It is a kind of traditional sweet bread that is indeed prepared for an easter. The shape of the dish is no doubt a romantic one that resembles a dove.

It is covered in sugar and also studded with almonds. But the dough that is made for this particular dish is made of yeast, egg, butter, flour, and sugar. The different combinations of these high card items can increase the level of calories at one level. Therefore it is not at all advice to make this dish if you are health conscious.

10.) Chicken Parmesan

Talking about this particular dish, the chicken sounds full of protein but the parmesan is also there that provides a lot of carbs and meat. The eggplant is used with parmesan cheese. Therefore it contains fat and calories at the same time in fact in higher amounts. It is doused with breadcrumbs and cheese. These all items serve as the topping of the dish. This makes the dish unhealthier and is considered bad for the people. Not only that it can also be caused by an increment in the blood sugar and the blood sugar can affect the heart of the person. This dish is not at all recommended for people who are heart patients.

11.) Pizza


Pizza is loved by all and preferred more during outings and gatherings. Sometimes people love it so much that they over-consume it. But are you aware of the worst health-related consequences that can harm the body? Since containing cheese and extra topping on top. This particular dish is full of fats and carbs. Also, the added preservatives and sugar are there makes it more unhealthy. The olive oil and high-calorie item make it even worse.

12.) Focaccia


Focaccia is a kind of bread that is eaten during breakfast and sometimes with a combination of extra cheese and sausages. Well, focaccia is another term for fats. And the meal contains that too. The fats are so much indulged in the food that they can easily spike the level of carbohydrates and fats in the body causing the consequences of weight gain and also heart-related problems. 

13.) Polpette

Kids are so in love with the meatballs. But they are baked and usually served on special occasions or a big feast. Though the dish is tasty, are you aware of its disadvantages? Let us tell you that. These meatballs are often prepared in the presence of potatoes and served with them. The potatoes are well known for their carbs and fats. Therefore it will also indulge the calories in your body and instead of a fit body, you will gain obesity.

14.) Mozzarella

Mozzarella is another name for a cheese dish. Almost at one ounce, 128 calories are consumed in this dish but obviously, the same amount of fat is consumed too. Since soft and fresh cheese is used it can trigger an increase in the lactose in the body. More lactose will indirectly trigger arteries as well. Therefore this particular dish is not at all advised to the patients of the heart.

15.) Parmigiano

This dish is the synonym of cheese. As it is made from cheese and mostly you will find the cheese in the whole part. And to be practical enough it is not at all possible to eat the other moldy parts and leave behind the remainder. As 80% of the dish is made up of cheese. And since we are so aware of the consequences of cheese on our bodies. Therefore it is not at all advised to take this dish if you are focusing on your diet.

16.) Lobster

The lobster is seafood that is often served with pasta. Though lobster is healthy it is served with pasta which makes it unhealthy. You cannot raw eat the lobster, pasta is needed.  And since pasta contains the topping of sausages and cheese which makes it bad for the body. This Italian dish provides you proteins but with the proteins, it gives you a ton of calories. The calories consumed are more than the proteins. Therefore, it is not advised to eat this dish.

17.) Tiramisu

The dish is high in cholesterol and sugar but less in sodium. What do you need in this dish to make it unhealthy? This is Italy’s most famous dessert but the consequences are at the same time. It is made up of mascarpone cheese, and if that’s not enough to understand then it has coffee-soaked ladyfinger biscuits. It also contains egg yolk, sugar, and cacao powder that is extremely bad for the body as it spikes the level of sugar in the body. 

18.) Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

It is a large T-shaped bone that rarely serves blood. This dish is garnished with lemon wedges. It is served with beef of Chianina Breed. Since this has a sort of meat it is good to eat. But there are also high chances of risk because the beef is fried with oil and these oils are then indulged with some cheese. The oily and deadly combination can increase the fat amount and cholesterol, which is again a threat for the body.

19.)  Grissini

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This dish sounds difficult but it’s not. It is a crispy and long breadstick that is often served in breadbaskets. You can have it at any  Italian restaurant. It is flavored with different herbs and spices. Likewise, it is a pre-meal snack, but are you aware of how it can affect your body? Since it is a breadstick it is fried properly in oil and sometimes a heavy amount of butter is also added. Well, if that’s not enough it is served with cheese. This deadly combination sometimes unknowingly can affect the body.

20.) Alla Romana

Alla Romana
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This famous dish of this country is full of unhealthy things. Yes, you heard it right. It is made up of Risotto, this risotto is a rice that is often served as primo and is served and flavored in millions of ways. It is cooked and toasted in butter and then it is broth into a cream consistency. Well, butter and cream are enough to tell the consequences of this dish on your body. Also, parmesan cheese is used in this particular dish to make it a bit tastier or we can say a bit more unhealthy.

21.) Alla Milanese with Saffron

Saffron is probably the healthiest thing to eat. But it should be kept in mind that Alla Milanese is again made up of risotto, which is a bowl of rice often cooked with butter and a high rate of oil. From tip to toe, it is covered with oil and then with butter topping. You can do healthy things but with that, your body gains a lot of calories and carbs which become unsuitable for your body. This dish is not advised for people who are not willing to consume more calories. because one dish can produce and help you gain a lot of calories.

22.) Lasagne

Well, this is simply an overcooked pasta dish. This dish contains multiple layers of sheets of pasta with cheese. Though this dish contains various meats and dishes all around. This particular dish is overbaked and then pasta with different cheese and sausages is added, this is quite enough to make your body unhealthy. It can trigger lactose acid in the body and can induce various fats and calories.

23.) Pasta

As simple it sounds, it is not. Pasta comes in various shapes and structures. Sometimes, it is cooked in different types with different variations. The flavors used are different. These flavors also contain different spices but with these spices, pasta is cooked and fried in oil, this induced carbs in the body. Also, cheese is added to make it worse for the body.

24.) Arancini

This Italian dish is a Silicone specialty that is made up of minced meat, potato rice, and then it is mixed in egg yolk. After then breaded and fried in an oil or butter pan. Now the ingredients used in the same are quite enough to let you know how bad it can affect your body. It has a lot of fats and carbs.

25.) Bruschetta 

Bruschetta, yet another dish of Italy. It is served with tomatoes but the most important thing that we should never forget is that it is cooked and fried again in oil. This makes the dish full of carbs and fats.

26.) Porchetta

It is the most famous meat dish and the street food that you are going to see. But with the tasty and delicious taste, it also has fats. This dish is cooked in oil and sometimes served with cheese. Therefore the dish triggers the blood sugar level.

27.) Fritto Misto

As the name suggests, all the items that are used in the dish are well fried. It differs from region to region and henceforth, fried vegetables are also there. Though the meal has vegetables one may ask how it is harmful, but all the things used in the dish are well fried in oil.  Even some are double fried to give it a crispy taste. Therefore, the oil amount in the same triggers and gathers a lot of fat in a body and makes it bad for anyone.

28.) Ossobuco

This is a shin of veal with a marrow bone. It is often served with wine and sauce. It is another dish that is served as a side dish with risotto. This dish though looks very simple but is not. This particular dish is full of oil-related things and after then it is also eaten with cheese. Sometimes the toppings are also done with cheese that makes it quite bad for the body.

29.) Cotoletta Alla Milanese

It is also one of the most famous dishes that is eaten by the people. It is a kind of veal cutlet that is fried in butter. The butter used in this dish is very high and therefore this particular dish is rich in carbs and fats more than it provides the proteins in the body.

30.) Scaloppine di Vitello

Scaloppine di Vitello
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The famous dish is sauteed in olive oil. Lemons and marsala are also used in the same. As olive oil and butter are used in the dish. It makes it unhealthy and unsuitable to consume.

By kamlesh