Home Interior

When it comes to designing a house we all want it to look good. Whether you are living in a small house or a big villa you need renovation after a few years. Proper maintenance is required to keep your house in good condition. You might be looking forward to adding some new things to your house which are in trend. Renovation could be costly and you need to know how much you can spend for renovating your home. You can do some small renovation into your house to give it a different look.

Painting and adding some new taps in your toilet is normal but what else you should be looking forward to when you are planning to do an interior renovation to your house. There is a lot of architecture designer available that can make your house a new feeling. Home is where we feel cozy and it should be planned. Home renovation is a big deal for many of us as we need to shift all the things inside our house. It could be very tiring but at the end of the day, you are going to be happy and can feel something new in your house.

There are a lot of things to do when renovating your house like adding some shelves in your living room or you can add wallpapers with different designs. Give your room some space to breathe or you can change the view of your house. Adding new lighting can make your room feel more alive. Let’s look into some of the best renovation home interiors you can choose from if you are planning to renovate your home.

1. Lighting

Lighting is what makes our room look real. Proper lighting is required in every room. If you have poor lighting space that seems to be more congested and hard to breathe, make your room lit with new lighting to make it look more open and comfortable. Most people don’t like a dark room because some even have low eyesight and require some good lighting.

You can use lamps and LED lights which consume less power but provide good lighting. If you are still using fluorescent lighting you need to change those with modern lighting. You can choose from a lot of new modern lighting available in the market. Modern lighting consumes less electricity and produces more light. You can save quite a few bucks on your monthly electricity bill.

2. Wallpapers

Gone those days when you needed to paint wallpaper. Now you can simply buy a removable wallpaper. Whenever you want to take them out you can just peel them off and you don’t have to worry about your wall paints. Various new design wallpapers are available in the market to choose from. You can get the simple one or the geometric pattern or a trendy floral print wallpaper.

Choose different designs for different rooms with different patterns. If you have painted your wall and don’t want to hide the entire wall under the wallpaper you can choose from a variety of different options. You can just cover a small portion of your wall and can leave the rest to show off your beautiful painted wall.

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms get dirty and we don’t want to clean them often. There are lots of new trends you can use in your bathroom to keep it clean and shining every day. You can add shelves inside a bathroom to keep all your products in one place that will keep your bathroom look more organized and clean. We just put the shampoo, brush, soup here and there which makes our bathroom dirty.

You need to keep it in one place from where it would become easy to use them daily. There are modern taps and sinks if you are still using the old and outdated items you need to replace them with a new and modern ones. Look for shower known and the faucets if they are working properly or need to replace them.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen should look like a kitchen. How can you make your kitchen look more modern? Repair your kitchen sink and add some new cabinets to your kitchen. Make room for your utensils and electronic devices. Your kitchen should look clean and tidy. Make sufficient space for everything, use proper lighting in your kitchen, and make sure you install a chimney. It’s not necessary to add something expensive inside your kitchen. Don’t make it look too fancy, keep it simple but trendy and modern. Replace all the outdated hardware with a new one and keep a separate space for all the kitchen components.

5. Furniture

Everyone wants to fill their house with tables, beds, and a sofa. But too much furniture can fill up your space and you need to clear some space to breathe. Remove the unnecessary furniture which you don’t require any more of changing the old one with the new and modern one. Arrange your furniture well and make space inside your room. Replace all the old furniture which you no longer need. Renovating your interior is not just about painting and adding something new. You need to clean up some space to make your rooms spacious to breathe. Make sure to use modern furniture designs available in the market.

6. Cables and Cords

Cables and cords can make your rooms look messy and unorganized. The Cables on your ceilings or the wall can take away your room’s look. When you are renovating your house make sure to do your wiring from the inside that will make your room look decent and well organized. Check for broken cords and cables and fix the wiring.

There are various ways to make your home wiring fix while renovating. The modern cables are done inside the wall and are connected to the boards and meters. You don’t have to worry about broken cords or wiring. All wiring is done underground and they are completely safe.

7. Paint Your Walls

Painting gives the most realistic touch to your house. Do you want to go brighter and go with simple white walls? There are so many options while choosing paint for your home. Don’t be monotonous, use different designs and patterns to paint your walls. When painting your rooms make sure that you choose the color that matches your furniture and curtains.

You cannot just go and paint your wall of any color, choose the right combination and different patterns. Don’t choose to bring or dark shade paints. You might get confused while choosing a color don’t worry, first know what type of design you want in your room and how you want to feel then decide the color of your choice.

8. Make Some Space for Outdoor

Imagine how would you feel when you are sitting on your roof or balcony and how would you want your outside view to be. Make some space for your outside where you can sit and enjoy your evening. If you have a garden you can make quite a few changes to it to make it better. You can make a small beautiful sitting place where you can enjoy the view of your garden. Even you can organize parties or families get together. When someone buys a house they look for the outside space and make sure that they have enough space outside. You can put some outside lighting to make the place look more refreshing.

9. Carpets and Rugs

How does your floor look? Is it always a mess or you keep it clean? Carpets can cover your whole surface. You might feel more comfortable sitting on your carpets but the biggest disadvantage of using a carpet is they get dirty really quick and you cannot wash them every single day. It’s better to keep your surface clean.

Some people don’t like putting carpet on their floor instead you can put a rug on your bedside or one of the doors so whenever you enter your room you can clean and make sure all the dirt is outside the room. But if you like to, there are lots of carpet designs available which you can put on your floor. The wooden carpets or the rugged carpets.

10. Nature Inside House

We are so busy that we forget to connect ourselves with the outside world. We need to breathe fresh air from outside. What is the best possible way through which we can make our house feel more natural or connect with nature? We can bring nature inside. Yes, it is possible to keep some indoor small plants. Colorful plants will give a refreshing look to your house. And you can even breathe fresh air inside your house.

You can even use the hanging vase or flowerpots inside your rooms. Keep some flowers on your balcony and the window corners. Use your space and make some space for nature. Putting some flowers will make your room fragrance and will enlighten your mood. You can even decorate your rooms using the flowers and choose the right flower according to seasons.

11. Book Shelves and Wardrobe

Make some space for books in your room. You can make a small library in your study room. Build a bookshelf where you can keep your books and other study materials. If you don’t have a wardrobe to keep your clothes you need to make one. It will keep all your fancy dress in one place and you can just simply pick the dress you want and wear it.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting where you kept your clothes after wearing just simply open your wardrobe and put the clothes on. You can make a wardrobe in your living room and a bookshelf where you read or study. Also, you can keep newspapers, magazines, your important documents, and all the other paper inside your bookshelf. You can put your certificates and awards on the shelf too.

12. Sitting Room

We just add so many things inside our house that we forget to have a sitting room. You can make a nice sitting room. Make a nice arrangement inside the sitting room like put some sofa or table and a TV. Not everyone likes to take their guest inside their living room until they are relatives or friends. So it’s important to have a sitting room ready for the guest.

Replace the old furniture with the new. There are lots of new fancy design furniture for your sitting room which you can use. Give a fresh look to your room, add some nice curtains on the window and add some good lighting to make it refreshing and feel more comfortable.

Many of us want to renovate our house but don’t exactly know what things to change. There are a lot of things you can change about your specific room. Most of it wasn’t to feel comfortable and spacy in our house if you are planning to add new furniture try to keep it minimal because too much furniture can eat up your free space in the room and you won’t be able to walk inside your own room. If you have a car you can even build a new garage for parking to keep your vehicles. It is worth it if you build a garage when renovating your home.

13. Make use of space

Make use of the space and make everything new and comfortable. You can hire the best architecture design to renovate your home. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while renovating the home as it is really a tough job. Make a list of all things you want to add while renovating your house completely. How will you manage all the work where you need to focus more on which extra room is required to look forward.

Lighting is very important for every room to use the modern lighting trend in your room and kitchen. A modern house should look modernized. It’s not just adding a new design to your house but also keeping it clean and organized. There are so many design ideas you can choose from if you want to renovate your house into something new. Know what you can change and what you need to change.   

By hermitc