5 Reasons Why You Need a Luxe Leather Sectional Sofa with a Chaise

Luxe Leather Sectional Sofa
Luxe Leather Sectional Sofa

Nothing beats coming home after a long day and relaxing on a comfortable couch to unwind and relax by reading a book, watch your favorite movie or catch up with your family or friends. These comforts are what you get with a quality leather sectional sofa with a chaise. Sectional sofas are perfect to recline on, for lounging, and lazing in peace. The Sectional sofas are an absolute dream for nappers and hostesses that regularly host large crowds. Sectional sofas allow you to maximize your seating options.

While a normal sofa, can only seat about three to four people, with a sectional sofa you can seat five or even more people on one piece of furniture. If you have a small space in your home to have both a sofa and a loveseat, then a sectional sofa is a perfect addition to your living room.

Furthermore, a sectional sofa with a chaise attached to it provides you with an extra sofa bed whenever you have guests sleeping over or when you need a place to sprawl out on to take a nap. They make the perfect sleeper sectional. All these make a leather sectional a must-have in every living room or dining room. The leather sectional is so versatile it can work in any room.

Hence if you are thinking of investing in a top-notch luxe sectional sofa with a chaise and leather upholstery then Allform is the right place to create the leather sectional sofa with chaise of your dreams and here is why: 

1. Building a Durable Sectional Sofa that Will Last 

The essence of building something that is strong and durable starts with a strong foundation, in this case, a strong wood frame. Allform uses wood frames made from maple and poplar hardwood ply boards with a quarter turn at each ply to ensure added strength. The wood frames are also kiln-dried and laminated, a process that makes them substantially stronger than other woods. This action ensures the chaise sectional sofa is strong enough to last you a lifetime. Moreover, Allform is completely confident in their wood frames they offer a lifetime guarantee.

2. Customizable and Adjustable Design and Sizing

When it comes to designing the perfect chaise sectional to suit your needs, you need a place that is willing to adjust and configure your design to fit the space in your house. So whatever shape, design, or size you need we have your back. Whether you need to redesign your leather sectional to fit the small space in your living room or you choose to design a right-facing or a left hand facing chaise it is up to you. You can even design the chaise to be reversible and be able to switch sides.

This gives you a chaise lounge that you can easily structure to suit your needs. Or perhaps you would like a minimalist and modern, mid-century modern, electric or traditional styled coach, it is all up to you to create the chaise sectional of your dreams. Moreover, at Allform designs, we create modular sectionals, allowing you to create whatever chaise sectional sofa you want.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing with its Top-Grain Leather Upholstery

All pieces created using leather upholstery at Allform are made using high-quality semi-aniline top-grain leather. This ensures that your leather sectional sofa only has the best upholstery covering it to ensure that it looks its best. While sure top grain leather is more expensive to use for upholstery than faux leather. The uniqueness that each top-grain leather hide brings to the table makes it worth it.

4. Ensures Comfort and Ease

If there is something you can assure yourself with a leather sectional sofa with a chaise from Allform is comfort. The seat cushions and back cushions are made with high-grade polyfoam and microfiber to ensure absolute comfort and avoid sagging. An anti-shifting encasement is also included on the seat cushion. Channeling is offered on your sectional sofa’s back cushion to ensure proper distribution of fiber which ensures when you lay your head on the back cushion you get absolute comfort. The seat and back cushions are also easily reversible to ensure you can use both sides.

5. Easy to move

Your leather chaise sectional sofa is going to ship in easily movable boxes. It can deliver for free to your doorstep. It will give you easy accessibility to your modular sectional without any delivery costs added to your credit card. Furthermore, your sectional sofa is so easy to assemble with no problem.

A leather sectional is a perfect addition to your living room furniture. A chaise sectional is an optimum way to spruce up your home decor, add in some throw pillows to the leather sectional, a few area rugs, a beautiful coffee table and you have yourself the perfect living room. 

Treat yourself to a luxe leather sectional sofa with a chaise. Watch out for our new arrivals and grab them while stocks last. I assure you you have limited time to grab your dream chaise sectional.