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Applications That Help Your Child

Applications That Help Your Child With Their Education

The pandemic has let the hell loose. Especially for the parents of young kids. Their classes are being conducted online and whatever teachers are giving homework, parents are also having to indulge in solving their problems. It has created a ruckus in parents’ lives.

On one hand, they’re trying to manage the pressure of their office and remote workings. While on the other, they’re being asked to intervene in the child’s curriculum to help them cope up. Household chores, child’s education, and their job, juggling between all these is stressing the parents out around the world. 

Applications That Help Your Child

Best tips and tricks

Then, how to handle all the aspects without having to feel burnt out? Here are some tips and tricks to keep you calm and also help you out with your kid’s homework.

  • Every time you feel things are getting out of control, find a cozy place and sit. And then, take a few deep breaths. That should help you from losing your temper and causing haywire around the house.
  • Plan out chores with your partner or guardian, whosoever stays along with you. Take turns in handling the child’s studies. It will help you to get breaks alternatively.
  • Plan a routine with every house member. So that all of you feel in control of things during these uncertain times.
  • Not every time do you have to go by the book. If you see your family getting strained with the rules, let them loose for some time. Always remember, not all fingers are the same.
  • Design some fun activities during the weekends. Like a movie night at home, a barbeque lunch, or an extravagant breakfast. Include your kids in the preparation. 
  • Draw the boundaries during the me-time and also understand theirs. Living with a partner and children can really drain one out when you cannot go out. Inform about the me-time you are taking from the family and let them know about the boundaries.

Once you set out a routine, it becomes more manageable by the day to control all the things around the house (especially with children). Another task all parents face is helping the kids with their homework. Not everyone is equipped enough to help their children out, no matter how hard they try. That’s why there are various tools and applications available online for your kid to help them with their homework. Here is the list of some of them,


This application comes along with various flashcards, matching games, and practice sets. The users get an opportunity to mix and match the study materials and ask a different set of questions. There are two interactive games called scatter and Space Race that are fun as well as educational. You can also learn the curriculum offline.

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Sometimes, going along with the educational websites is just not enough. You’d want to get in touch with the professionals to help tutor the children. In such cases, this tool comes in handy. It is an AI-powered website with access to the email addresses of teachers and educational professionals all over the world. helps you track the email address of the ones that you are searching for. It also comes with a chrome extension to a Linkedin account. So you can connect with profiles you’re searching for.


Not all children can understand the complexities of the subjects. Due to online teachings, even teachers are unable to provide complete concentration on each child. In such cases, this website is helpful. This website will help in understanding and memorization of the subject. This website simplifies all the information and makes it fun and engaging to study. 


It was easier for students to go to the library and study with their study groups. However, no matter how convenient getting online is, it doesn’t comprehend due to everyone’s unavailability. This website helps to solve such issues. It groups all the students with the same goals and curriculum. Students get to share their study guides, and all the information gets saved in the cloud server in real-time. So it becomes easier for the child to refer the material back.

Marinara Timer

A website that helps you with your productivity. This timer works on the Poromodo productivity method, where you work/study for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. This method has proven to increase productivity as well as better memorization skills. Here, you can set the timer as per your preference and study. Once the time is up, it comes up with a notification for you to take a break. This application helps work professionals as well. You could also seek online study materials from which provides everything you need to study effectively and excel. On this platform, you can find notes from almost every university and course, which you can save on a study list. 

So here are some websites and software that are helpful to increase your kid’s productivity while entertaining them as well.