College Basketball Season

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When the entire world was brought to a standstill by the ongoing corona virus pandemic, everyone thought the NCAA tournament would also be postponed like the rest of the program. That is exactly what happened. On September 16, 2020, it was decided that the NCAA Division I men’s college basketball season would commence from November 25, 2020. The initial date was November 10, 2020, but it was postponed due to the pandemic.

The committee advised the players to start practicing from October 14, 2020, and strictly allowed no exhibitions or scrimmages. As restrictions, it was advised that a maximum of four contestants would be allowed for the tournament. The council also had strict regulations that a minimum of four non-conference games will be played in the tournament.

1. What is March Madness?

The NCAA 2021 tournament or the March Madness is working with full capacity at full swing. The tournament has begun at six central locations across the state of Indiana, as mentioned by NCAA. The NCAA tournament’s nickname of March Madness is apt because March is filled with some interesting twists and turns for sports fans.

However, the NCAA college basketball season usually start by the first or the second week of November. But due to the pandemic and the players didn’t get enough time for practice, the dates were shifted to the last week of March. The tournament starts in early March, and the Final Four happens around early April, and during that time, the national champion is declared and crowned.

Initially, as soon as the press conference for the NCAA tournaments began, they were canceled due to the pandemic. The NCAA tournament is a national sports event that catches the eyes of every sports fan, and even people who are not a fan of sports are drawn to the tournament.

The 2021 NCAA tournament saw a Cinderella team that surprised everyone. A Cinderella team is a low-seeded team, but it got its name by beating a high-seeded team. This year’s Cinderella team was the No. 15 Oral Roberts team that defeated the high-seeded No.02 Ohio State team.

During the NCAA tournament, everyone is glued to the TV, and it has become like a cultural event for many sports enthusiasts. They sit together for the match and have a fun, relaxing day with their friends. You can watch the NCAA tournament games on numerous channels such as CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV.

2. Working on the NCAA tournament

Both men and women play this tournament which makes it equally exciting. 68 teams are participating in the single-elimination event. The teams are evenly distributed in the tournament. In the first round of games, 32 teams will be participating, while in the second round, 16 teams will be participating.

Then comes the interesting rounds of Sweet 16 and Elite Eight, where eight teams and four teams participate, respectively. The stakes are much higher at the Final Four, where two teams play off each other, leading to the National Championship Game.

The tournament starts by mid-March and continues till early April. Women’s teams also participate in this tournament, and their matches are also the same as the men’s.

3. Some key points of the NCAA men’s college basketball game

For the men’s tournament, the game’s duration is 40 minutes, and the game is divided into two halves, each of 20 minutes. In the women’s tournament, the duration of the game is 40 minutes, but the game is divided into four quarters, each of 10 minutes.

During the regular season, the players get a half-time of 15 minutes. Whereas in the tournament, they get 20 minutes of half-time. Coaches and players make important strategies during the half-time to win the match, and some of the interesting twists and turns of the March madness have happened right after the half-time.

In case of a tie or sometimes otherwise, the teams get overtime of 5 minutes in length. Some teams have completed the game during the 5 minutes overtime and have won the match easily. Before the pandemic, there were 33 games in total in a regular season, and due to the pandemic, the number of games has changed.

Players are disqualified from the tournament after they have done their fifth foul. The referee plays an important role in the tournament because the referee is responsible for ensuring the teams are getting a fair game and there is no biased game play. The NCAA college basket is a fun game to watch with your friends and family.

College basketball is undoubtedly the audience’s favorite spectacle. Students from all over the country ditch their homework and hire professional essay writing services to write my essay with quality authors to have free time and be able to watch all the games of the season. However, at the end of 2019, the covid pandemic had disrupted the entire world’s routine and introduced its own rules.

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