When the world was going through a plague, the only way to fight was to sit at home and wear masks. Even now, many parts of the world have not recovered from the pandemic. However, when some businesses saw losses, others saw growth. Industries like EdTech, dating, healthcare apps, delivery services saw a boom. When everybody was home, they still needed the basics to survive.  However, many realized that they could save time and energy by outsourcing these tasks to these applications. In this blog, we have discussed six app categories that will continue booming.

6 Evergreen App Categories that will continue growing

Since any product we use provides value in our lives, these six apps will continue growing since they make life easier. They are services and products that are evergreen and have a vast market scope.

1. Healthcare apps

Sometimes money is not enough to save our and our loved one’s lives. If you cannot access the healthcare system, then time will beat you to it. Therefore, platforms that allow you access and home deliver things to you are gaining momentum. Moreover, platforms that provide mental health assistance are also gaining popularity. Meditation applications, and therapist assistance applications are all going to find a massive market in the future.

2. FinTech Apps

Mobile wallets and banking platforms are all a part of the fintech applications. With the rise in cryptocurrency, fintech will grow exponentially. In the pandemic, users refrained from using cash. They preferred online transactions. It made them trust the technology. People now feel comfortable sending and receiving online payments. You can have applications for loans, investment, trading, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency. Experts also believe that it is the next ecommerce, so if you want to take a more significant risk that will give a bigger return, build a fintech platform.

3. EdTech

The education systems were not ready for the pandemic. But due to the pandemic, they had to shift to an online mode. However, the one ready industry was the EdTech industry. Parents who didn’t want their children to suffer the confusion among schools opted for EdTech. Moreover, working professionals who faced job losses used this time to upskill. People around the globe were able to access education from the best countries. In the coming years, the education system will adopt newer technologies to provide the best education to the students. You can be part of that revolution and make an EdTech application that is helpful and innovative.

4. Dating Apps

One feels the weight of their single life when they are in their homes alone. Youngsters who have stuck alone in their home, away from their parents, felt lonely. They went to a dating application in hopes of companionship. There was a massive surge in users using the apps and you can find top 10 dating sites here. It lets you meet new people without going out of the house. It is a perfect way of meeting new people and escaping boredom. Applications like Hinge monetized on this by selling exclusive features. Tinder even allowed the usage of one of its premium features for free for a limited time. You can create your platform and make use of this increased interest in online dating.

5. Entertainment Apps

If one was not working or catching up, they were busy watching a series or movie. The ultimate and oldest cure of boredom has been movies and shows. Big production houses launched their films on the online platforms compared to their big-screen premiers. Many independent media have been coming up to catch up with the demand. Work from home meant more time saved in commuting. It meant more free time and more seconding hours watching your favourite series. You can take advantage of this trend by making your application that provides entertaining content. Podcast has also seen a rise globally; you can also launch a platform for such niches of content.

6. Grocery Apps

Lockdowns meant fewer grocery trips. Therefore, people started relying more and more on grocery delivery apps. It also resulted in less transmission of the virus and convenience for the consumer. One also realized the ease of ordering groceries. Therefore, if there is any category that will succeed the most, it is grocery delivery application. Hire Grocery Delivery App Developer to start building your platform now.

Wrap Up

Everything is possible on mobile. And people are getting more comfortable spending money on services and products online. If you want to start an online business developing an application is one of the most profitable businesses.

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