Missing a keyboard key? Did you know that an individual key can also be replaced? Relax, now you don’t need to replace your whole keyboard because of some damaged keys. The keyboards are considered the heart of PC or laptops. Pressing the keys is like communicating with the monitor what you have to convey. Sometimes a keyboard key may fall off or loose. Just because your keyboard has a broken or missing key does not mean that you need to replace your entire keyboard. It is an easier, cheaper and faster way to replace just the keyboard keys that are damaged. 

In the early years, keyboards were expensive, heavy, and were used in rare places. But thankfully, due to the advancement in technology, it has become a popular thing presently, which is used almost everywhere. But it’s more and more usage makes it damaged and non-working, especially the keyboard. At that time it needs immediate replacement because all the work is dependent on the keyboard and it spoils the whole work. Earlier people used to replace the entire keyboard, but now it is possible to replace even an individual key. 

How do keys get damaged?

Everyone has a different way of keyboard usage. Some people punch it when typing or some are a little gentle. Your keyboard keys can also be damaged by spilled tea and coffee and also due to the fall of particles on your keyboard. Yes, a keyboard is a piece of hardware but still, it needs some care to work it smoothly. Some keys get damaged faster than other keys such as the space key, enter key, and backspace key, due to their more usage. People first think about replacing the whole laptop or PC, which needs a lot of money. Then, another option to resolve the problem is a key replacement

It’s quite hard to find the right replacement key that fits perfectly with your keyboard and works smoothly. So, here are some things to keep in mind when ordering keys for your keyboard. 

1. Address the company and Model

Before ordering the replacement key, you must address the company and model of your laptop or PC to buy a suitable key. 

2. Choose a trusted and reputed company

Before ordering the replacement keys, always prefer to choose a trusted and reputed company. Check their customer reviews and strong history. And make sure that it supplies keys at minimum costs and that it should be branded. 

3. Choose on your priority

Think for what purpose you need the keys, such as if you want to create a presentation or gaming then you can buy them from anywhere as these are easily available. And if you need them for official and business purposes, choose a good platform that sells keys of top brands. 

4. Buy OEM keys

Most of the companies sell the keys that are manufactured by them. And the keys get rubbed and sticky in a short time. So, choose the company that only provides original equipment manufacturer keys. 

5. Choose the guarantee keys

Must choose a company that ensures you the replacement in case tha keys don’t fit your keyboard and provides you satisfaction. Not every company provides you with the keys with a good guarantee policy. 

6. Choose an online store

Local laptop or PC repairing shops often key and corsair replacement keycaps and fix keyboards on laptops. But, we recommend you to buy online instead of buying from your nearby stores as there is a variety of options available to buy from. And along with the keys, you will get the installation guide, so that you can replace them by yourself and this will also save you time and money. 

These are some important things that you must know about replacing the keyboard keys. We hope this will help you to resolve your key replacement problem. 

By Punit