Top 20 Unique and Adorable Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy

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Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy

Dogs, well we all love dogs and I guess no one can deny that they are cute little creatures who are adorable and non-resistible. There are various breeds of dogs and they all are equally good and beautiful. Similarly, you must have heard of Yorkshire terrier proxy dogs.

Well, they are one of the most beautiful as well as appealing breeds of dogs. You can say that their shimmery and sparkling and lustrous fur is something that will definitely behold you and your eyes. They have two-toned fur and that looks marvelous. They are loved by humans as they are the most loved and cute creatures you will ever come across with. Their long, shimmery, and shiny hair is cut in various styles. It completely depends on the owner as well as the gender of the Yorkie.

As I have mentioned, they are family dogs and therefore it is important to take care of them and groom them from time to time. Yorkie because of having beautiful hair can look in every style. So in this article, we would be discussing some beautiful hairstyles for your Yorkie. 

Dimensions Of Styling

If you want a cute Yorkie hairstyle then it depends on the length of the hair of your puppy first. 

Secondly, it depends on how you want to make your dog look. 

Thirdly, it depends on the gender of your dog. As the female Yorkie and the male Yorkie styles differently and their gender plays an important role in that.  

And at last, maybe the color of the hair can also vary the hairstyle of your puppy. 

So with the help of this article just get your heads and hands on some basic and cute hairstyles for your puppies. 

1. The Short

If you think that the climate is hot and you really don’t want to spend the time that much on the maintenance as well as grooming of your puppies then this is the best option I must say. It is a really good decision. It is very comfortable for your puppy as well because it lets your puppy’s skin relax. If you want to make your dog look stand out then you can also add some coat or any other accessories for that. 

2. Classy Statement

All you have to do is to just put two locks up and that will be all. Your puppy will look amazing and this will be a statement haircut trust me. Keep the hair of the puppy well-groomed. This is one of the most elegant looks you will see. Yorkie usually gets irritated by the fact that their hair irritates them but with this hairstyle, your puppy will now be bothered by that. 

3. Round Yorkie

This is a very easy and comfortable hairstyle for your puppy. This gives your puppy a very elegant and cute hairstyle. Just a round and a little improper haircut will enhance the features of your dogs. Since they are mostly colored differently and this will look good on them. Do not forget to style the neck of your puppy with a beautiful and smart neckband. 

4. Short And Clean Yorkie 

We all understand that sometimes the climate can make us go all bald and all that. Similarly, this hairstyle is really good and effective for your puppy, especially if you live in a humid type of climate. This design is preferred by those who do not like to invest much time in the maintenance of their puppies because it is time-consuming, we understand. In this hairstyle, the fur remains very short and simple. But the facial hair remains mostly the same and similarly the hair on the legs and paws. 

5. Dapper Yorkie

Some parents of the dogs want to just specifically focus on their pretty faces and the features that look amazing like legs, tail, and face. Therefore with this hairstyle, the body is highlighted by the linings, which look very trendy nowadays. And the remaining best features will stay well groomed and bushy. You can enhance the hair with a bow clip.

Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy

6. Cute Muddled Yorkie Haircut For Females

With this haircut, your puppy’s face will look more focused and smart. The eyes of your puppy will be all clear and free from the disturbance caused by the hair. It is really a comfortable hairstyle if you think about it. With this hairstyle, the nose area and the ears area will be the focus and slightly bushy. This looks good. 

7. Tiny Lion Yorkie

Well, your cute puppy can turn into a lion with this hairstyle. This hairstyle will create an effect of a lion which will make your dog look super cute and super smart. In this, the body will be all cleaned and shaved and the hair will be the same on the face and legs but groomed and fussy. 

8. Cute Round Cut

With this hairstyle, your dog will look more innocent and lovable than ever. Just some hair in a round shape around the face and nose and that will be all. The fur around the face will give your puppy a very cute and charming look that you will not want him to be apart from you. 

9. Dyed

Well, whatever hairstyle you do just make sure the color contrast should be nice and on point. You can keep the features contrasting and little trimming around the nose area will make the nose distinct and your puppy will look extremely smart.   

10. Messy Stains

Messy hairs are in trend, right? Well, among your puppies as well. In this the haircut will be not groom, it will be improper and the hair will be dyed with multi colors. This will give him a very informal touch and that resembles the home. So it is a very homely hairstyle that will also look cut at the same time. 

11. Innocent Homebody

In this hairstyle, there will just be short and bushy hair on the whole body of your cute puppy. It is also for those who do not want to invest much time in the maintenance of their hair. Just that, you should keep the length of your dog’s hair short and simple. 

12. Mane

In this hairstyle the cute, soft, fluffy, elegant, shiny hair will be all over the body of your yorkie, and with that, the hair should brush and bush. This is a very classy look that you can give to your Yorkie. Just keep in mind that the vision of your puppy should not be at risk and take care of the comfort of your puppy. There should not be any obscure in the vision because that can affect adversely. 

13. Classic Chic Yorkie

In this haircut, value and importance are given to just some parts of the Yorkie’s body such as the face and the legs. They have different shades and longer hair as compared to the body. The body is kept more like fuzz in this haircut. You can add different accessories to your puppy’s body. Moreover, a cute ponytail enhances the look of your Yorkie. 

14. Low Lights

In this hairstyle, the body parts of the Yorkie have a different and darker shade. This is kind of a unique haircut. The face kept focused and the ponytail just enhanced the look of the puppy. Moreover, the haircut around the ears gets styled uniquely which makes your puppy stand out. 

15. Vintage Yorkie

This is one of my favorites because it looks like a classic fashion and vintage look. In this haircut, the legs have given a haircut that looks like bell-bottom pants. This serves the purpose of the statement. The hair on the face is also longer than the rest. Along with that, the proper hair color is also added and that enhances the look of your Yorkie.

Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy

16. Teddy Bear Haircut

This cut is very similar to the normal and classic haircut that the Yorkies usually have. But the additional and new thing about teddy haircuts is that the hair is kept longer than the usual haircut. It is perfect for those who want to keep their Yorkie tidy and simple but at the same time fluffy and cuddly. This is an easy-to-maintain haircut and does not require much maintenance. It is stylish as well as cute. 

17. Lamb Cuts

As the name suggests the lamb cut is somehow inspired by the sheep. This is one of the most popular hairstyles among all the Yorkies. A lamb cut is a very simple and elegant haircut in which the hair is cut very short which gives your puppy a very cute and fluffy and cuddly look, that makes your Yorkie look fantastic. This is especially good for those who do not shed hair that much. This is a really low-maintenance haircut that keeps your puppy simple and elegant. With this haircut, your dog will look adorable. 

18. Poodle Haircut

This style is named after an actual breed of dog. It resembles that. So do not get confused. This haircut is perfect for those puppies that have very long hair. This look will definitely make your puppy extremely elegant and cute. Though the poodle is indeed a very high maintenance style that will create a little problem for the owner but trust me it is totally worth it. You will fall in love with your Yorkie. This is one of the show-stopping haircuts. It will make your dog look glam. 

19. Bob Cut

Well not only humans have the right to get a bob, Yorkie too has that as well as they rock that better than us. This haircut is just perfect for those who like to keep the haircut short but sweet. This involves very neat and good trimmed hair around the neck as well as ears of your puppy. You can also make the hair cut with a slight undercut that will give your puppy a more trendy edge. This is also a very low maintenance style as well as tidy. 

20. Three-Layered Stack

This is a very pretty haircut that you can give to your Yorkie. This is perfect for those who have a very thick coat of hair. This haircut includes trimming Yorkie’s hair in three different and distinct layers. That involves the first layer being short as well as close to the body of your Yorkie. Whereas the other two layers are longer than the first one. This will give your puppy a very fluffy and cute haircut. This will help your puppy to show off its personality.


So these are some most popular haircuts for your cute Yorkie. Just one thing, keep in mind the comfort of your pup. Just because you want to make your puppy look all great and smart, do not leave the comfort behind. As it is on humans to keep our pets healthy, safe, and groomed. They are someone for whom we are responsible. Therefore keep the grooming and comfort together and then make the decision.

Do tell us which one you liked the most and what your Yorkie likes the most. Give us suggestions on what else you would like to get information. If you found this article useful do share it with your friends and with those who have pets. Happy grooming 🙂