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Yamaha Quads Models

Top 4 Yamaha Quads Models That are Ideal for Kids

Yamaha Quads Models

So, your son or daughter has shown an interest in your passion, quad riding, and now you are thinking about getting them a quad bike. There are a few things to take into account when buying a child their very first motorcycle, and four wheels is a much safer option than two, for obvious reasons. Here are some aspects of the purchase you should be aware of.

1. New or Used

If your child is under the age of 10, for example, then you are advised to buy a used kid’s machine, as they still have a lot of growth and when they are ready, you can always upgrade to a bigger machine. The dealer would offer attractive low interest finance, should you need it and with Xmas on the horizon, you could turn this into some surprise!

2. Yamaha ATVs

The best quad manufacturer also happens to have the best kid’s ATVs, with the new Yamaha YFM 90, a child’s machine that is designed with safety in mind. It is obviously essential that your child can reach the foot pegs when seated naturally and, of course, protective gear is a must. If you prefer a little less power, the Yamaha YFZ 50 is a perfect choice. Built for the 6-9-year-old range, the automatic 49cc engine is enough for a child of that age. Automatic means there is no gear changing, which is one less thing for a child to have to do, and when they upgrade, you can go for a manual shift model.

3. Engine Size

Typically, the first ATV would be a 50-100cc engine machine that is governed down to limit the speed to 25-30mph, and it is essential that your child is big enough to control the quad. There is a range of new and used kids quad bikes for sale at Quadbikes R Us, the UK’s leading ATV dealer who also sells accessories. Once you have browsed the selection of bikes, arrange to take your child to the dealer and they can test ride the quad. Besides, the dealer would be able to advise you accordingly.

4. Protective Gear

Of course, the right gear is essential and you can acquire most things at the quad dealership. The crash helmet is obviously critical and rather than ordering online, you need your son or daughter to try the helmet on for size. Googles are essential if your child is wearing a non-full-face helmet, which is often preferable due to having better peripheral vision. A good pair of gloves, a durable jacket and a pair of jeans complete the outfit, while boots with ankle support are also advised.

Due to the current pandemic, you are advised to search online for a leading quad dealer near you, where you will find a range of new and used kid’s quads, all at affordable prices. Once you have found their website, make an appointment to take your child along for some test riding, which will ensure you make the right choices. It will soon be Xmas and a quad bike will be an amazing gift for any child.