One Footwear with Four Outfits

Pure leather shoes are your favorite but it doesn’t go with every outfit?

Loafers have been the most timeless shoes throughout history. A true alternative for formal leather shoes. It is the most comfortable and yet the edgiest pair to own. If you love pure leather shoes but can’t wear the shoes all day long grab this slip-on made up of leather. It not only fills the requirement of leather shoes but is an easy alternative for business casuals and ethnic days too! 

Getting one shoe in your collection doing the work of four doesn’t seem practical? But it is! Loafers are the best formals and casual shoes for men today. They are the best shoes for flat feet, as you can simply slide into them, and start walking. And, if it is from a reputable US brand like “Loom Footwear”, which also manufactures an extensive range of working shoes, running shoes, and sports sneakers for men & women, it has to be of the highest quality. The use of breathable knit material makes them waterproof

We will guide you as to why you should not miss the loafer game-changing experience, it will make you dump your pure leather shoes for every occasion.

1. The Business Meeting

         As you know, the business is a cyclic style with different styles. It’s no different from clothing styles. 

           – Juice Newton

For a business enthusiast like you, layering is in fashion today!  

Formal leather shoes are what we think before heading for any business meeting or party. But did you know that loafers work the same? Honestly, they are far better in creating a style statement. 

Try layering turtleneck t-shirt, with a long coat, and pair it with smart straight trousers. Twin the trouser with either your t-shirt or with your jacket. Add a belt to show the cut in the layer. You can either go for the socks if it’s cold or if you wish to look dressy. This is the simplest way to get level up the office style statement.

This is a smart casual for any business meeting and it surely will make people turn their sight on You! 

2. The Brunch Look

Dress like you are going somewhere better later! That’s the trick to dress well and make people look out for you at any party or meeting. Loafers can be your best friends for life.

If you love white or in a true sense love solid colors in your fashion. We have got your back!  

Take out your favorite chinos and pair it with your solid white or black shirt full sleeves shirt. You can also layer it up with your denim jacket. 

Wearing a short-sleeve shirt with loafers will create a different vibe. You can wear your shorts for the beach party with the same loafers.

This looks created is super casual. Instead of solid shirts, you can go for business full sleeves in check or mini prints. Buckle up with the same color leather belt as your suede loafers. 

3. The Weekend Casuals

The love for pure leather shoes for men and the formal look is bound and this chain cannot be broken. 

Grab your loafers as we gonna need them again! So, it’s a college reunion, business weekend meeting, or a day time date? Whatsoever is the occasion this outfit is phenomenal for every man out there.

Start with selecting your color contrast dress pieces and make sure it’s a perfect fit for you. Wear a full sleeve shirt in print or solid plain colors on top get a sweater to pair it with chinos of the same color in light or dark shade. Keep your color straight and grab the watch and leather shoes this time your loafers.

Loafers lift this simple looking outfit and work better than those formal shoes to give this outfit a casual tint.

4. The Wedding Party

Yes! Loafers are not just for everyday or business enthusiasts.

You can use leather shoes at the family wedding or for any festive gathering. Nevertheless, the loafers keep your look sleek and stylish. Adding the pure leather shoe form in loafers is a different story. 

Get your kurta pajama, or kurta jeans and slip right into the loafers. Hold your embroidered jacket let the shoe complete your look. The loafers are easy to slip in and sleep out. It helps your feet breathe even if you dance the whole night, no hassle!


Hope we gave a close but clear picture of how timeless these loafers can be. Men who love pure leather shoes or formals leather shoes should own it for the days when you can’t be too formal but classy and casual! 

It is arguably the most versatile piece for any outfit and occasion.