Use Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is a handy, easy to install solution for many scenarios. It can be used for security, to mark property lines, to manage crowds at events, or for safety purposes. Here we discuss why and when temporary fencing can come in handy.

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1. An Added Level of Security

Whether you are a construction site, private property, an event site, or commercial property, fences help send a message an area is off-limits. Installing temporary fencing establishes perimeters, helping prevent unwanted visitors, while also detracting from criminal activity. Security is important to not only avoid vandalism and theft but to also keep people from entering your property and getting injured. Dangerous areas such as construction sites, storage areas for dangerous equipment, or even open land that presents potential hazards can put you at risk for lawsuits even if people enter your property without permission.

2. Protection for Workers and Visitors

Construction sites are notorious for hazards. Temporary fencing Calgary can be used to not just set perimeters around the work site, but also to help direct people away from dangerous areas. Fence rentals can help create roadways and footpaths so people understand where they can drive or walk safely. A temporary fence also helps create designated areas for things like security, parking, equipment storage, management offices, visitor check-ins, etc. The more fencing you use to mark off areas and apply signage, the safer your work site becomes.

Temporary fencing is convenient as it is easy to install. As your site changes, you can easily move the fencing to meet your needs creating new sections. It also helps keep vehicles from making a wrong turn into your site and helping to keep foot traffic safely away from danger.  However, it’s not just construction sites that need protection. For example, if you are setting up an event such as a concert, dangerous heavy equipment can also pose a hazard for unauthorized visitors as well as workers. Fencing can help keep people away when major equipment is being installed such as stages and speaker towers. If you are in the state of Texas and is looking for fence rental company Dallas, search for Viking Rental online.

3. To Remain Compliant to Government or Industry Regulations

Remaining compliant with government and industry regulations helps you avoid legal issues and fines. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, there are often guidelines you need to follow for safety reasons. Understanding how these guidelines affect you and any projects you undergo is key before any work begins.

Regardless of your property’s location, you’ll need a safety fence for construction before the work begins. For construction projects, noncompliance can not only lead to fines and lawsuits but also cause temporary delays in work. When this happens it costs money, and you can even be at risk of losing workers. Accidents also add costs to your project. Noncompliance increases the risk for accidents.

4. Protect Your Assets

As already mentioned, fencing offers an added layer of security. The more expensive equipment you have to leave on-site, the more fencing becomes important. Stolen equipment is very costly even if you have insurance. It can temporarily disrupt your work schedule, while also impacting your insurance rates. As well, vandals might target your construction site damaging work and delaying progress.

You can even run into issues with squatters or dangerous criminals intent on finding items they can resell on the black market such as copper. A temporary fence of good height can be a real deterrent to trespassers. It helps to limit entry points so security can keep watching more easily which can save costs on staffing your site during off-hours. You can gain better control of movement on the site without increasing the number of guards needed.

5. Help Contain Debris

Rental fencing can be used to help reduce the amount of debris blowing off your site. Things like large insulation packaging, boxes, or even shingles can be picked up and blown off your site with heavy or even moderate winds. When this happens it can blow into the path of traffic and cause accidents or damage to vehicles. It can also blow into pedestrians, or onto other people’s property which can lead to lawsuits due to damage. You can add a sediment control fabric along the fence to keep passersby safe from dust and even prevent topsoil erosion at the site.

As you can see there are many reasons to install temporary fencing. It is an affordable option that can protect your property, while also keeping the community safe.

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