Accessorising for a formal event can seem a trifle daunting, at least that is the way for those unaccustomed to attending such events. This article explains how the use of Art Deco jewellery in creating a Hollywood glamour look when you attend the next formal event.

The Art Deco Period

This bold design first saw the light of day at a major decorative arts exhibition held in Paris in the mid-1920s, which was a stark contrast to the bland styles of the World War One years. Flashy and ostentatious, the bold geometric shapes and rich colours of Art Deco make for the perfect accessory when attending a formal event. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies can all be found in Art Deco jewellery, with dynamic designs that reflect luxury and sophistication.

Impress With Diamonds

A formal event is the best time to bring out your diamond Art Deco jewellery and regardless of the colour, you know that diamonds work. If you are announcing your intention to marry, one of the exquisite 1920s art deco engagement rings online would be a great choice. There’s no better design than Art Deco for a diamond engagement ring.

Art Deco Jewellery Styles

There is something to suit every taste with Art Deco jewellery and once you know what you are going to wear, you can think about jewellery and other accessories. If, for example, you don’t have a suitable pair of earrings for the event and you are running out of time, search with Google for a leading antique dealer and check out the antique Art Deco earrings, looking for an ideal pair.

Vintage Rolex Watch

The perfect timepiece for an evening formal event is a ladies Rolex watch, which complements your Art Deco jewellery and completes the high-class lady look. If you are looking for a genuine luxury vintage watch, talk to a local antique dealer, who would have a great selection of Rolex, Omega and other top brands. Let’s face it, every woman should have at least one Rolex!

Add To Your Antique Art Deco Jewellery Collection

Antique jewellery, specifically Art Deco pieces, are items you should add to your fine collection and the antique dealer has the best selection of Art Deco pieces. This period began right after World War 1, when Paris hosted an exhibition of decorative arts in 1925 and this bold and colourful style was a breath of fresh air after the austerity of war time. Clean lines and bright colours are everywhere with this unique style of jewellery, making it perfect for formal events such as charity Balls and Gala Dinners.

Splash Of Rich Colour

As you know, Art Deco jewellery comes in a wide range of colours, and if your outfit needs a splash of deep green or aquamarine, your local antique dealer has a great selection of genuine Art Deco jewellery, all at very affordable prices.

When dressing for a formal event, Art Deco jewellery is perfect in every way and you will be the belle of the ball.

By Punit