Along with potential customers, even Google loves great, exciting, and informative content. There are many ways to put across information such as, blogging, marketing videos, hosting podcasts, designing infographics, or submitting articles to online authority sites. Not only do you get free traffic, but you also get authorization as an expert. 

Video Marketing

The Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Business

If you run out of ideas, you can reproduce the old content and give it a new twist by making videos. Unexpected, isn’t it? Nothing works better than a live demonstration. Here are some ways in which you can use video marketing to grow your business 

1 Live Video Streaming

Live video has become mainstream on social media with the launch of Facebook Live. It is a great way to reach your audience because anyone who has already liked your page on Facebook will see your video as they scroll through their feed. People spend good time on their Facebook feed.

Live video allows you to respond directly to your audience as they watch. Thus, a video makes it more attractive to your audience and is valuable for you.

2 Behind-The-Scenes 

Most consumer interactions with a brand happen with the final product, customer service call, or email. You can make your business real and trustworthy with more prospects, show them the environment, and create the end product they desire.

Most people use Google every day without learning how the service works. If you are curious like many others, you can watch video centers that show a behind-the-scenes view of data centers. 

3 Make an Instructional Video or Teach a Skill 

You may be running a business for a product or offering a service. You can make use of how-to-do videos as a great way to engage your customers and ensure that they use your product or service most beneficially. It increases satisfaction and customer loyalty.

4 Simplify Customer Service

Videos can go a long way in helping your users get the answers they need if you are creating video answers for FAQs or videos in your customer support emails. Find out the most common obstacles from your sales and customer service teams and create video content addressing those issues. It will provide a good user experience. 

5 Videos on Unexpected Web Pages

You can have a video on your 404 error pages. Think about the confirmation or thank you page. These are neglected pages that are usually not noticeable. Bounce rates are high, and engagement rates on these pages are low as they end the user experience. Add a fun video here, and you can easily increase the KPI of your website.

6 Make a Teaser Video

You can tease your upcoming launch in a product trailer. This will help create forecasts and generate interest for your next product launch. Or you can have videos on new features in the existing products or add-on services. 

7 Personal Video to Speak Directly To Your Audience

You can make a video for direct interactions with viewers. It doesn’t seem very easy to make a personal video, but it’s not challenging either. There are several tricks you can send out in personal videos. For instance, you can make a video wishing your users a happy birthday and send it via email on the same day. You can create a personalized welcome video for those who sign up for your services as yet another option.

If you have many signups, select a few more common names and send them to the new registrar with matching names. You can also digitally insert a video with someone’s name, then reuse it again and again; change the name. There are more than one ways to think about video marketing for building a rapport. 

8 A Video for Special Interest Content

You may be an excellent chef, a yoga teacher, an interior designer, making stuffed toys, etc., educate your clients about a specific topic of your skills and expertise. A 3-minute explanatory video will leave a lasting impression and build confidence in your particular segment.

9 A Video on Your Business Strategy, Goals, and Your Founding Story

People interested in your business want to know your vision, strategy, and how you make an impression. It is especially important when you are in the fundraising services. Your explanatory video helps. 

Some of the biggest businesses happen by coincidence. Go ahead and generate more interest in your business, as everyone loves a good story. Reveal some insight into your journey.

For The Final Word 

Talking about the various ways, you do not always have to produce the video content by yourself. When you decide, you can connect with Cinevita Films and hire an expert team to assist you in your journey.