I know, I know – we’re jumping the gun here with tips on how to save money on your holiday, while everyone is still stuck at home and travel is going basically nowhere. However, though it may be a few months more before we can get on a plane and head to destinations unknown, we can still enjoy staycations in some cities and countries, so why not try to make sure you don’t break the bank while doing it.

After all, you think we all deserve a reward for complying with all the safety measures and movement restrictions all these months. To help those in need, I have put together five simple tips on how you can save money on your holiday and it is applicable wherever you may be.

So let’s dive straight into it:

Save through cashback, credit card discounts and more

Save Money on Your Holiday

Through any of the travel platforms out there, you will be able to find numerous ongoing promos with banks, credit card companies, cashback services and more. A few minutes of research can save you a lot of money, so take some time to find a deal that helps you save money on your holiday. This includes being able to stack discounts or use multiple services to purchase different aspects of your holiday for the lowest price.

Figuring out how to pick the best credit card for travel might take the most amount of time, but it should be worth it in the long run.

Be flexible with your travel dates

I know this isn’t easy, but being able to travel at the drop of a hat or have the flexibility to delay your trip a few days, might save you thousands. This allows you take snap deals or travel during unforeseen off-peak periods for hotels or airlines.

In fact, the benefits can spill over across all sorts of holidays and getaways, as it allows you to always get the best deal possible whenever it comes up.

Making bookings on Mondays to save some money on your holiday

We have mentioned this before, booking your accommodation on the correct day of the week can actually help you save. For most of us, that’s Monday, well, because it is the least exciting day of the week.

It is an interesting fact that for average daily rates (ADR) across different reservation days for hotels in Singapore, Mondays seem to be the best days to book. Do note that it might differ if you’re in a different country, but a simple test during the week should show which day of the week is the best day to save money on your holiday in your city or country.

Take advantage of the weekday due to low demand

Want to avoid the crowd, have the hotel facilities to yourself and save money on your holiday at the same time. Then it makes sense to book yourself a weekday staycation. According to a simple search online, booking a staycation for check-in on weekdays can potentially get you up to 20% in savings as compared to checking in on a weekend.

This might be difficult for some, especially those with strict office hours or limited off-days, but if you have a flexible schedule or can work from anywhere, it might be worth spending a few days during the week holed up in a luxurious room.

Figure which platform to book your holiday

So most hotel or holiday booking services have a mobile app, and many offer mobile-only discounts and benefits. Most apps have rewards points for every booking made on the app, you also get access to mobile-exclusive deals with decent savings, flexible fares with free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to check-in and have the ability to chat with the hotel front desk for any specific arrangements you require for your stay.

While it might take a little bit of time at the start to get going, it can save you a lot of effort at the end when it comes to your bank balance.

Remember folks, that while we’re all eager to dust off our passports and get on a plane, stay safe and listen to the authorities on when it is safe to travel. In the meantime, follow the guidelines from your health professionals.