Pre-wedding Anxiety

Pre-Wedding Anxiety, seems like a big day for both the girl and a boy, where we want every bit of the things to come out in a good way. As a perfectionist, we are in a dilemma, is it right or is it wrong. It is like two people crossing a big bridge, where all life situations would change by a decision. Many things are going on a stupid head, the same feeling is with every girl and boy. If you are having it, it’s okay, it’s normal, don’t panic, everything will be fine. 

Life changes when you step out of your comfort,  and anxiety is normal. Pre-wedding jitters are a perfectly normal part of the process. It’s completely natural. Be mature and deal with your anxiety as you approach a big life milestone. Admitting how you are feeling, and looking for ways to handle these feelings. It doesn’t mean you are getting cold feet.

1. Seeing the positive side

When we are to walk in the same lane with someone we love or we care, and ready to make a change in our life, then there will be a lot of positive things you can look at. Seeing the coming happiness and the biggest thing is having someone by your side to learn and who can understand you without any expectation. Just look at the beautiful moments you spend and the happiness in your face while he or she is with you, that can make you end your anxiety in no moment.

2 Talk to close ones

There are times when your mind is not able to make any judgment, then the best thing you need to do at that time is to tell how you feel. Why are you insecure, why this anxiety started. They will help you to give suggestions. Before the wedding, if we feel like oh god, why am I feeling like this, you need to ask and share your feelings, you can also talk to your better half.

3.Try to stay busy

When you are busy, there will be no anxiety, make a routine, do exercise, yoga, make your mind calm, and take care of yourself. Your face, in anxiety, can lead to a bad reaction,  so take care of yourself. You can keep yourself busy by improving yourself. Like trying to do your hobbies, and have a break from all the tension and anxiety.

4. Tell yourself it’s okay

 We can positively take the anxiety also, tell yourself it’s okay to be not okay sometimes, you should accept the situation, the feeling, and try to recognize what is the reason behind it, solve all the reason for having the anxiety, be mature and trust your decision, don’t doubt yourself, and tell yourself it’s okay to not to be okay sometime.

5. Take a break from social media

Social media has pros and cons both, it depends on how we deal, so it’s necessary to have a break, as the mind is flexible, it depends where our thinking goes, so it’s better not to take risks and have a break. To take a break from social media, you should turn off notifications, set time limits, and prioritize your self-care with other activities you enjoy. As it’s your life’s biggest time. So it’s good to take a break.

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