Pre-wedding photography also known as engagement photography is a concept that we’ve borrowed from the west.  Though seemingly superfluous, these sessions serve as ice-breakers, allowing would-be couples to bond better, and what better place than Rajasthan to capture the budding relationship on camera! We have prepared a list of Best Places For Pre Wedding Shoot In Rajasthan for you.

Rajasthan has earned itself a high reputation for destination weddings. The grandeur and opulence associated with the erstwhile rulers of this land have been well-preserved for generations and still linger on in the magnificent palaces, Havelis, and forts that dot the terrain.

While these historic edifices make great wedding venues, set amidst the rustic desert /scenic backgrounds some of these structures and the impressive landscape double up as excellent locations for a pre-wedding shoot.

List of the Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Let’s take a look at some impressive backdrops for pre-wedding shoots in Rajasthan.

Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur are popular destinations for pre-wedding photography, each of them presenting an array of impressive locations replete with heritage structures, placid lakes, and the stunning sand dunes!

The Albert Hall Museum (Jaipur)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Dating back to 1868, this monumental structure built by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II makes an extremely classy and royal setting for a pre-wedding shoot.  

While the interiors of this historic structure are off-limits for shoots, the exteriors with beautifully crafted pillars, ornamental domes, impressive arches, and sprawling courtyards with flocks of pigeons, all enhanced by natural lighting prove quite appealing.

Neemrana Fort Palace (On Delhi-Jaipur route)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

This 15th-century edifice meticulously restored and re-purposed into a heritage hotel offers just the right ambiance for a pre-wedding shoot.  The impressively scenic background, stunning architecture, and restored features such as hanging gardens and pool areas present an array of choicest settings for photoshoots.

Udai Vilas (Udaipur)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Lake Pichola and the plush Udai Vilas hotel right on its banks is a dream location for photoshoots.

Having been a part of several movies and television shows, this scenic backdrop can become a memorable part of your life as well, especially with your loved one at your side. You must, however, remember that photo ops in this elite setting can be quite expensive, but the experience is indeed cherishable.

Ajit Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Known to be the first of heritage hotels in the country, Ajit Bhawan Palace, the former residence of Jodhpur’s royal family is an equally impressive location for not only weddings but pre-wedding photography as well.  

The palace is grand and elegant retaining its original charm plus contemporary features such as a pool along with a paved sun deck offering quite a few interesting and scenic backgrounds for photoshoots.  Ajit Bhawan, along with the Umaid Bhawan Palace, proves ideal pre-wedding photography spots in Jodhpur but costs are likely to be whopping!

Dadhikar Fort (Alwar)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Originally Dera-Kar, this fort dating back to the 10th century was the residential camp of a king who fled his capital due to massive floods.

Built amidst the lush vegetation of the Aravalli hills, this rustic fort, now a heritage hotel with all tourist amenities makes a great historic setting for a pre-wedding shoot. The seemingly crude stone structure with ornate balconies, rooftop dining areas, and small enclosed garden spaces are ideal for a romantic photoshoot with your spouse-to-be!

Samode Palace (off Jaipur)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

The Samode Palace is a sandstone structure located at the foothills of the Aravalli ranges.  Designed based on the traditional Rajasthani style of architecture, the palace interiors are a delight to behold.

Mosaic walls inlaid with intricate floral patterns, ornate pillars and marble flooring, frescoes, and wall-paintings as well as antique furniture pieces make quite an impression on visitors. Each and every corner of this place can make your pre-wedding snaps simply enchanting.  You can also check out the Samode Bagh, Mughal style gardens, and the Samode Haveli in the same area and plan a few shots there as well! All of them are heritage structures now converted to hotels.

Rambagh Palace (Jaipur)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

The stunning architecture and interiors of this erstwhile residence of the royal couple Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and Maharani Gayathri Devi are indeed captivating, allowing visitors to experience the heritage and grandeur of the place carefully preserved over time.

Cupolas, artistic domes, ornamental balustrades, and the traditional latticed windows handcrafted out of marble, the palace surrounded by courtyards, lawn, and garden areas, with peacocks roaming the premises, this photoshoot destination is definitely a grand one!

Chomu Palace (Jaipur)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Yet another heritage hotel of present times, The Chomu Palace built over 300 years ago very much retains its royal aura, plus a host of other modern conveniences to entertain guests.

The once royal home is based on traditional architecture and compliant with Vasthusasthra as well. Interiors are impressively decorated with spectacular mirror work /motifs on the walls, large arches, ornamented balustrades, latticed windows and balconies, stunning chandeliers, and several other antique pieces. The sparsely decorated open swimming pool and sun deck with loads of natural lighting is a delight. Simply stroll through the palace and let your photographer capture your special moments at this royal venue.

Fateh Sagar Lake (Udaipur)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

The scenic lakes of Rajasthan with palaces or forts located right at the waterfront and or stunning backgrounds are simply irresistible venues for pre-wedding shoots and the Fateh Sagar Lake is no exception.

Boat ride on the waters to one of the islands which house the Nehru Garden could prove a great setting for some excellent shots. Explore the lake area, pick your favorite spot, and trust your photographer to shoot some excellent shots in this location!

Suryagarh Fort (Jaisalmer)

Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Photoshoots in Rajasthan may seem incomplete without snapping up the beauty of the vast desert, which incidentally makes an excellent backdrop for some stunning visuals. The natural light reflected on the sands is capable of enhancing the beauty of images.  

The Suryagarh Fort, right on the edge of the famed Thar, is another ideal location for pre-wedding photography.  Sand Dunes, brushland of the deserts, and beautiful peacocks roaming the landscape are indeed a pleasure to behold and snap up for posterity.

If pre-wedding photography is not a part of your wedding plans, fret not. Simply book one of the Rajasthan honeymoon packages to enjoy the opulence and beauty of this land!

Rajasthan honeymoon packages cater to different budgets as well, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved one in this royal destination and make the trip more memorable with some spectacular photographs!