Water Purification

What is water purification?

The most common way of purifying tainted water includes taking out undesirable synthetic substances, natural poisons, suspended solids, and gasses. This methodology intends to give water reasonable to a specific use. Most water is blessed to receive making it alright for drinking, but there are extra purposes for water cleaning, for example, satisfying prerequisites for synthetic, pharmacological, clinical, and modern purposes. Actual cycles like filtration, sedimentation, and refining are now and again utilized, alongside natural and compound cycles like flocculation and chlorination, slow sand channels, and organically dynamic carbon. Electromagnetic radiation, like bright light, is additionally habitually utilized.

To solve the world’s greatest water challenges through innovative products and services a global water technology provider AQUAANALYTIC LLC Dubai is an authorized importer and distributor of the Evoqua Water Technologies (USA) in the United Arab Emirates.

Evoqua Water Technologies services:

Here we have mentioned some of the services provided by AQUA pro service teams of Evoqua Water Technologies (USA)

1. Carbon Services

Carbon filters are an urgent part during the time of water refinement as they eliminate every undesirable synthetic chemical and natural mixture like chlorine, pesticides, and other Unpredictable Natural Mixtures (VOCs) that might be available in the water. Carbon filters can be used in both purification stages such as pre-RO and post-Ro.

2. Ion Exchange Services

Elimination of heavy metals that have dissolved from various rinse water and wastewater streams Lon Exchange Services.

Customers can overcome their difficulties with water and wastewater with the use of Evoqua’s ion exchange services and equipment. They offer specialized services, system design, and installation for treating heavy metal-contaminated water.

3. Membrane Services

Membrane water treatment is a strategy for eliminating impurities from water. Water filtration offices utilize various sorts of layers to channel surface water, groundwater, and wastewater. The membrane water purification technology is good for both use – industrial and domestic use. Different types of Membrane water treatment processes can be used to filter impurities from surface water, wastewater, and groundwater. 

Reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microfiltration (MF) are four types of membrane techniques to generate drinking water from groundwater. 

4. Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Mobile water treatment frameworks are enormous scope, adaptable tasks that arrive in a trailer or holder and don’t need floor space inside your office. They are completely programmed and checked frameworks that influence your Opex financial plan and permit adaptability to get long lead-time frameworks.

5. Sanitization Services

Microbial control in water frameworks is accomplished essentially through persistent or irregular sanitization procedures. Intensity, ozone, or synthetics all address choices for disinfecting specialists. The technique chosen relies upon the degree of hazard and worry that microbial tainting presents to your activity.  

6. Service Deionization:

Administration Deionization (SDI) from Siemens is a protected and efficient way for you to get steady, high immaculateness water from consumable feed water. Our dependable SDI frameworks comprise activated carbon and Ion exchange resin contained in versatile tanks associated straightforwardly with your regular water supply.

7. PFAS Services

PFAS (or Per-and polyfluoroalkyl Substances) address a huge gathering of man-made synthetic compounds that include: PFOS and PFOA. These mixtures are normally found in our drinking water and food supplies. PFAS is available in both private and public wells which, at high concentrations, can have detrimental impacts on health.

Well, these are some of the water purifying services which we have mentioned above. To learn more about these water purifying services you can visit this website. 


Today we want water purification innovations that give excellent drinking water, eliminate micropollutants, and escalate industrial operations. Some of the water purification technologies are at the research stage and some of the water purification technologies are being used.

In this article, we have tried to mention the service name of water purification technology. We hope that you found this information helpful. Enjoy reading!

By Punit