Van Life Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget

Van life is a simple life. It’s minimalist, but there are some van life essentials that you can’t live without.

Van life can be broken into two parts — the build and the bits. The van itself needs to be revamped to include daily living essentials that make living out of a van doable. The bit includes all of the extra materials and resources that we need. Some of these may vary from person to person, but things like toilet paper are obviously essential. 

Van Life Essentials

For a full breakdown on these van life essentials, keep reading below. 

The Bathroom

It’s not realistic to find a public toilet and stop every time nature calls. Instead, consider using a portable toilet that use compost to break down human waste. You can decide whether this is an emergency-use only toilet, or if it will be used more often depending on where you are traveling.

Producing Energy

Without solar power, you will need to drive the van for energy. This wastes fuel and ends up costing more. Instead, invest a little extra cash into a solar panel or solar generator system. You can read some Titan solar generator reviews to get an idea of the cost and its usefulness. 

Some Airholes

Most vans have windows and doors that let air in, but you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable opening them. In these cases, you will wish you had some kind of skylight, especially when cooking. 

Buying Van Life Essentials

After you complete building on your van, it’s time to go shopping. There are many different amenities that you will need on the road. 

Water Storage

Water is life. It’s not ideal to live off of plastic water bottles that contribute to pollution and a cluttered van. Instead, get a large water container or two that is easily refillable. 

Cooking Materials

Cooking is a big part of van life, but it requires a lot of materials. Start with a camping stove that uses gas. Look for some camping-style storage containers for plates, bowls, and utensils. You will also need pots and pans.  

Tools for Maintenance

Breakdowns are a nightmare, but they happen. Having a toolbox on board is absolutely essential. Without it, you may be stuck with expensive mechanic bills. Make sure to keep up with your van maintenance to help it last longer.

Miscellaneous Items

Of course, you will likely be traveling with other items like clothing, bicycles, or camping chairs. Make sure to build in plenty of storage to keep these items organized in your small space.

Van Life Essentials and Other Travel Tips

Living out of a van really minimizes your budget and allows you to travel more easily. Without these van life essentials, however, it can be really tough. It may take some time and effort to build everything and get stocked up, but it makes the whole experience more comfortable. 

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