The entertainment industry spends billions of dollars each year to create new TV shows, movies, music, and many more. So, it is fair to say that the average human spends more time in front of his TV or mobile screen.

But, to be honest, the zeal that one feels in front of a Home-theater can never get beaten by a mobile screen. Even when the earphones have become compact and sustainable, the TV screen with a quality sound system still tops the list. But when you have a vast home system, it is common that there will be various remote controls.

Fortunately, at such times, Universal Remote Controllers come to our aid. The best universal remote can handle almost every device, right from the TV, soundbar, and cable box to even the streaming device.

Universal Remote Controllers

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the top five best Universal Remote Controllers.

1 Logitech Harmony 650/665:

If you are on a budget, then look no further than Logitech Harmony 650/665. It is the best universal remote controller that comes with a small display for your need. The screen isn’t a touch screen, but it allows you to troubleshoot issues during usage.

The best thing about harmony is that it can be paired alongside ten devices. Plus, it will allow you to channel almost 23 channels on the remote. But, as Harmony 650/665 works on infrared, you won’t be able to hide the entertainment systems. And that also means that harmony 650/665 may not allow you to handle smart-home devices.

2 Logitech Harmony Hub:

The next on the list that is the Logitech Harmony hub is truly a work of art device. Harmony hub isn’t like your traditional controllers with buttons. Instead, you will have to control the devices in your house through a smartphone (android or IOS) app.

The smart hub is housed inside an AV cabinet that supports infrared, Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi signals.
If you like to work with mobile apps, then the harmony hub will be a sound purchase. Although on the pricier side, the harmony hub offers you justice to every buck spent.

3 Caavo Control Center:

Unlike harmony, Caavo manages to offer the users a unified interface. And this interface will allow you to search within contents on any device and various streaming services. But, the Caavo control center only provides for four device connections at once.

You can even connect Caavo with Sonos. And that means you can easily view what is playing. You can skip and pause the playlist using your TV itself.

You can also connect streaming services and Caavo, which means ending the need for the extra device just for streaming.

Caavo also comes with a built-in voice search; also, you can get a list of shows and movies collected by the other Caavo users. To get all these offers, you can either opt for a monthly subscription of $3.99 or a lifetime membership of $99.99.

4 Logitech Harmony Companion:

The best thing about Logitech Harmony Companion is that it allows you to control your smart-home devices along with the entertainment center.

Harmony companion comes with Harmony hub, so it doesn’t matter if all of your AV components are tucked away. Besides controlling the AV devices, a harmony companion will also help you to use Google Assistant or Alexa to either control the TV or other devices.

You can also find a number pad on Harmony companion. You can use them to scan or jump to channels you want quickly.

5 Amazon Fire TV Cube:

If there was any useful mash-up, then it for sure is the Amazon Fire TV Cube. It is the best mixture of universal remote control, Speaker, and 4k streamer, thus, making Amazon fire TV cube the lord of your smart-home devices.

Fire TV cube has a device, but there are not many buttons on it. So, whatever controls happen or are to be initiated. Then you have to do it through your voice.

The Fire TV cube also comes with an IR emitter, thus, allowing you to control the gear. The mic is quite efficient in taking your order.

Bottom Line

We are sure that you will prefer an empty coffee table instead of littered with various gadgets at once. Plus, remote controllers are infamous for falling in between the couch gaps. And when you need one, they have almost vanished from sight.

But when you have the Universal Remote Controllers, you no longer need to keep a tab of every other remote in your house. Just one reliable remote is enough.

So, avoid wasting any more time and connect with Hawkeye Security and Electronics. They have top-quality remote controls that can perform even macro functions.

Use our article as a guide to know what suits you the best.