Holding a corporate event requires leaving no stone unturned. This is very important to ensure that everyone gets a pleasant experience and a stellar impression of your brand. The best thing you can do to make your corporate event a success is to outsource female models in Dubai. A reputable staffing agency will handpick models to put up an exceptional show. Read on to understand the use of promotional models and their roles in corporate events. 


Why female models for your event

The ideal models to man your event are often reserve, arrive at your venue calm, cool, and collected. This ensures getting the job done to impeccable standards without unwanted attention and fussing. The right company will get you competent models to handle your event to give you peace of mind that things are running smoothly. Relying on vocal and bold female promotional models is the trick to a successful corporate event. 

Roles played by female models on corporate events 

Conference staff

There is a need to handle people who come to your conference. It can be an internal conference for a large organization, industry association member conference, or education-focused conference. Female models at the conference handle various roles but the most significant include:

  • Manning information points 
  • Meeting and greeting attendees
  • Managing roving microphones
  • Distributing welcome packs and event bags

Event hostesses

It is worth using top female models in Dubai for corporate parties or award ceremonies. These hostesses are eloquent and well presented to be the first faces that your guests see on arriving at your event. The roles of event hostesses vary but the most significant include meeting and greeting guests, managing drinks reception and serving canapés. The best hostesses are handpicked to match your business needs and type of event you are hosting. 

Registration staff

Corporate events sometimes need registration. Luckily, you can enlist the services of female models to handle the registration process throughout your event. This can be registering delegates on your corporate event. The models man the registration desks, self-registration kiosks, printand scan name badges, or distribute branded lanyards. 

Exhibition staff

During an exhibition, female models can handle a variety of tasks. These come in handy for trade shows, corporate exhibitions, and consumer exhibitions. The models help accomplish various roles especially being a friendly face to respond to public inquiries on behalf of your in-house staff. Additionally, the female models greet everyone who comes to your stall, give out promotional materials, and respond to inquiries.  

Bilingual staff

Dubai is a major business and trade hub in the world. So, expect people who speak other languages apart from English at your corporate event. There is a possibility that your in-house staff might not speak a variety of languages. And, taking them to language school is not a cheap endeavor. Luckily, you can hire bilingual female models.

This gives you access to a team fluent in other languages apart from English. Having bilingual staff allows guests to have a pleasant experience talking to someone in their native language. This enhances their experience in your event and increases the chances of generating leads for your business. 

Features of top female models 

Reliability and commitment

The recruitment process is part of a successful corporate event. Enlisting services of top female models is a great idea. However, the choice of staff matters. The right company will handpick models who demonstrate commitment and reliability. After giving the agency your event needs, the agency will handpick models depending on their earlier experiences. These should have demonstrated love for their job and desire to impress guests at your event.


Appropriate engagement

The staffing agency will select for you female models with the ability to adapt to your event approach. This allows appropriate engagement with all stakeholders throughout your event. The ideal models are ready to work in the same environments with senior management, global business leaders, and investors. So, expect female models who present themselves professionally while demonstrating experience in their roles. Additionally, these models communicate appropriately, politely, and confidently throughout the event.  


Making a stellar impression is a very important aspect of holding an event. The ideal staffing agency has models across demographics regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity. This ensures that clients get the right models to match their event and budget. Keep in mind that top female models are well presented and groomed to handle your event perfectly. And, these models follow your style guidelines during a briefing to ensure they appear to portray your brand values in the best way possible. 

Final thoughts

Planning can make or break your corporate event. Staffing is an essential aspect that should not be underestimated when organizing your event. Luckily, you can find a reputable staffing agency for top female models to handle a host of tasks. These make a stellar impression of your brand, hand out promotional materials. Meet and greet guests, and respond directly to inquiries. 


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