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The world of real estate is a competitive place, and getting your property sold is no easy task. Over the course of a year, millions of homes are being listed and sold, which is a daunting figure for anyone trying to sell their property. However, think of it this way: if millions of homes are being sold, then, chances are, plenty buyers are looking to buy a new property, and you’ll likely find a buyer for yourself. 

However, to find a buyer, you need to spruce up your listing. In this little article, we’ll list some of the most effective strategies to get your property noticed by potential buyers, so let’s check them out without any further ado!

1. Find a High-Profile Listing Agent

Indeed, you can sell a home on your own, but this will take a lot of time, money and effort to pull it off on your own. Finding a high-profile, trustworthy listing agent that will represent your interests in the market is the best way to go about selling your property. You will need to pay a commission to your listing agent, but keep in mind you’re paying for a service of professionals that have more experience in dealing with this kind of thing than yourself. 

2. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media marketing is the best and most readily available marketing scheme in the modern world, so why not use its advantages to bolster your chances? Knowing how to effectively use social media for real estate is vital when it comes to marketing your property. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or some other platform, posting ads, listings, and pictures of your property on your profile and reaching out to your friends will surely get you noticed by a few potential buyers. 

3. Use the Power of Pictures

There is nothing more annoying for a potential buyer than finding a piece of property that might seem interesting, and then find out a scarce few pictures are showing what the property is really like. Most property buyers like to be as informed as possible before establishing contact with the seller, and before actually going in for a look. For them, going into a property and finding out all the flaws that weren’t already listed and shown in the ad is a major waste of time and a point of frustration. 

So, to avoid having your property glossed over, make sure to take as many pictures as you can from all possible angles to ensure your future buyer has a good idea of what they’re buying. Also, you can even hire a professional to take a few photos from flattering angles to make your property even more noticeable. 

4. Create an Open Door Event

One of the best ways to get your property noticed is by creating an open-door event. Nothing says, “come in, take a seat, have a look and make yourself at home” like a large open door sign and a few colorful balloons. You’d be surprised how many people actually turn up to these events. Even if they weren’t looking for a particular property that day. Even better, if you’ve got more sellers in your street, you can organize a co-op event. And all it takes to get organized are a few banners, display easel stands and a couple of dozen balloons. It’s a bargain!

5. Use Email Marketing

A shrewd email marketing strategy can mean a lot if you want your property to be noticed. A marketing scheme that’s effectively replaced handing out flyers, email can be used to contact a large number of people and fast. This way, you may not only attract potential customers, but you may also get referrals from your acquaintances. 

Be that as it may, however, make sure your emails are catchy and non-intrusive. While email marketing is certainly strong, it may also backfire. You real estate listing tips, real estate listing tips to get your property noticedemails might get flagged as spam if they do not present an interesting enough offer. 

6. Set a Competitive Price

A sure-fire way to get your property noticed is to set a competitive price for it. Going too high with the price will hurt your cause. Because there are more affordable offers, and going too low will indicate that the property might have some hidden problems or that you’re getting desperate. So, to avoid these problems, work with your agent. Do extensive research into the market to make sure you know how to price your home for sale. You should do in a way that will be both attractive to buyers and competitive in regards to other sellers.

7. Cold Calling Can Provide the Edge

Cold calling and going door-to-door might be tough, awkward and is generally not regarded as an effective strategy. Still it might just provide you with an edge you need to get ahead of your competition. If you’re a sales and outgoing type of person, your charm and enthusiasm might just create a passing interest in the people you come into contact with. Or you might even get a few referrals. You never know!

8. Use Your Personal Network

The best way to get referrals is to ask your friends and family. Dive into your personal network. Ask them if they’re in search of a new home or if they know someone like that. Chances are they’ll know someone who’s in the market for a new house. Or they’ll know a good listing agent that will help you sell your home fast and at a good price.

9. Don’t Give Up

Perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to real estate. Selling a property, especially a larger one takes time and effort. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t sell yours within a couple of months of getting it listed. Like we said in the intro, there are millions of houses being sold every year. But all of them do get sold, so it’s likely yours will sell too. 


And that’s it for our little guide on how to garner interest for your property. The key takeaways here are to work with your agent and research the market. You need to contact as many people as possible. More exposure and competitive pricing are always good ways to get noticed and get offers. 

By kamlesh