Law Courses

In India, many of the courses are totally crazed for and the law is slowly becoming one of them. Anyways over the past few years, immense growth could be seen in the field of law. Young students from all over India are carving to get into this course and make a career in law.

The preparation for the entrance of the LLB entrance exam has already started and the senior secondary students are ensuring that they do crack the same. The clat coaching in Delhi and its rise is enough to prove the same.

Law is a career that definitely has a lot of respect in it and that is definitely one thing the new generation cannot quit thinking.

But many may not yet know that there are two types of undergraduate degrees in the field of law in India. These two courses have their equivalent share of advantages and disadvantages.

The 3-year undergraduate law degree:

There are a 3 years undergraduate law degree in India. This law course can be easily available in the Delhi University and the Banaras Hindu University. Also, there are few private colleges that approve of the very same. They have their own set of entrance examinations for the selection though.

This is a degree for which one can start studying right after they complete their graduation. Yes, that is the eligibility criterion. One has to complete an undergraduate degree at first and then go ahead and complete this degree.

The advantages of this particular degree are many. As people are going to have two degrees they can definitely have the advantage of getting a better opportunity at the career. They are always going to get a specialized job as their last degree was of something that was of importance.

The disadvantages of this particular degree also exist though. With this degree, people have to study for a year more. Also at times completing this degree may seem a bit difficult as it may be hard on them to accept something other than what they had already completed.

The 5 years undergraduate law degree:

This is one of the most famous and sought a degree. People can easily make sure of the fact that this degree needs a CLAT examination clearance as its first stepping stone. The CLAT examination also known as the Common Law Admission Test is something that ensures the very fact that the person is chosen for studying further actually deserves to be there.

The 5-year law undergraduate course needs to be done right after they complete their senior secondary year. After that, people can try starting to work. But they may not get much right after this as they do not have enough experience or knowledge. They will either have to continue studying to get better job prospective or better salary structure.

The 5 years course also allows people to have enough time to gather some great amount of experience after they complete the course.

People can select any of these two courses and make a career in law as it suits them.

By jemma