A part of your family legacy and a mirror to your personality, diamond rings are more than just a piece of jewellery. The aesthetic designs add elegance to your look irrespective of gender. Diamond rings are popular among both men and women as it gives a heavenly touch to the appearance. As a result, one can easily buy diamond rings online.

A diamond ring brings shine and grace to your hand and complements your attire. No matter whatever you wear, the shine will make a compelling impression that enhances your persona.

Latest Types of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings come in many styles and designs. These are classified based on numerous parameters. When you buy men rings online in India, you can choose various filters according to your taste and style. Size and shape of the diamonds, type of settings, design, and type of band, number of diamonds are to name a few.

Different types of diamond rings based on style and design-

1. Solitaire rings

The solitaire ring is the most common type of diamond ring. It consists of a single diamond seeking the most attention giving an elegant and graceful look to your hand. There are many variants available based on the shape of the diamond, its setting, and the design of the metal that holds the diamond.

  • Traditional diamond ring

These rings have simple round metal bands and a timeless diamond stealing the limelight. Traditional diamond rings are the most common choice for an engagement ring.

Euro-Stylediamond ring

These rings differ by the shape of their shanks(the bottom part of the ring). They have a squarish bottom on the outer edge of the ring while the inner side remains round. Euro shanks keeps rings from spinning and are highly popular among vintage jewellery collectors.

Cathedral diamond ring

In these rings, the centre stone is raised above the ring band that makes more room for detail work around the diamond. Cathedral diamond rings generally have a bezel, basket, tension, or prong setting.

Straight diamond ring

The simplistic design of a straight diamond ring makes it unique on its own. It has a straight band honoring the beautifully cut diamond in its centre. Perfect for people with simple and classic choice.

Tapered diamond ring

The shank style is tapered towards the centre diamond, adding an extra look to the ring. It is stylish and fashionable while keeping its simplicity.

Reverse tapered diamond ring

As its name suggests, the shank tapers outwards along with the band holding the captivating diamond in its centre.

Split diamond ring

In this type of diamond rings, the shank is elegantly divided into parts as it approaches the centre diamond giving the illusion of two or more strands interwoven together to form the complete band.

Freeform diamond ring

The limitless pattern of this stunning ring takes creativity to another level. True to its name, its design is free from any restriction making it chic and endless.

Pinched diamond ring

The bands are flawlessly pinched at the centre, giving the radiant diamond style. The brilliantly cut diamond steals the show adding grace to your fingers.

Bypass diamond ring

Two swirl shanks encase the solitaire diamond creating a lovely twist. Due to their distinctive style, they are quite popular among the other engagement rings.

2. Rings with side stones

These rings comprise more than one diamond of the same or contrasting colour, shape, and size. A magnificent diamond in the center surrounded by a bunch of smaller diamonds gives a marvelous look. These come in various irresistible designs, which provide the opportunity for personalisation. The most common variant of side-stone rings is the three-stone ring.

3. Pave rings

The ring holds many tiny diamonds along the band or a center diamond with comparatively smaller diamonds by both sides. Studded with multiple diamonds, this ring creates an endless look that makes it a perfect gift to express your forever love. That’s why these rings are among the ideal picks for wedding bands, engagements rings, and anniversary gifts. These eternity rings are timeless.

The most well-known pave rings are eternity rings. These rings have a continuous line of identically cut diamonds along with the band, which symbolizes never-ending love.

Different settings are used to hold the diamond. According to the type of setting, prong setting, bezel setting, invisible setting, channel setting, and tension setting are the most famous.

Another way of classifying diamond rings is by their diamond’s shape. Round cut, oval cut, marquise cut, pear cut, heart cut, rectangular cut, princess cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, and triangular cut are the types of diamond cuts available in the market.

Diamond rings are divine. It’s an expression of your forever love, a symbol of a cherishable event, and a memory of your loved one. A little costly but worth the price.