Troy Mundle is the ‘Exhibit Man’ in Award-Winning Sci-Fi Flick

Troy Mundle

As an industry-leading actor in his home country of Canada, Troy Mundle approaches his craft with the utmost respect and dedication. He knows that he is primarily a storyteller, and engaging audiences comes from telling a compelling story. When taking on a new role, he does extensive research, truly understanding the heart and soul of his character. He rehearses to the point where he is no longer reading lines, but becoming a new person, where the words are part of his being and flow freely without thought.

“I have a deep desire to connect and share the human experience in telling meaningful stories, moving and inspiring others with truthful, authentic performances,” said Mundle.

Audiences around the world can recognize Mundle from his countless acclaimed projects. He starred in the award-winning film Bucketheads: A Star Wars story, which won Best Short Film at the 2018 LA Shorts Awards, one of the largest international short film festivals in the world, as well as the hit series Single & Dating in Vancouver, which was nominated at 13 prestigious film festivals throughout its two seasons. He has also appeared in many popular shows such as ABC’s A Million Little Things, The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Paramount+ original The Stand, and most recently, HBO’s Peacemaker.

Mundle is extremely versatile, known for being able to play a vast array of roles. He is always looking for a challenge, which is why he was so eager to take on the role of Berry Leetch when he read the script for 2019’s Exhibit Man. He liked that the story took a very unassuming man, placed him in some extraordinary circumstances and he had to rise to the challenge. Written and directed by the multi-award-winning filmmaker Trevor Mirosh, Exhibit Man is thrilling from beginning to end.

“Troy was amazing to work with. Not only is he a talented actor, but the amount of research and preparation he does gave me tremendous confidence in his ability. His dedication to the role was liberating. There is no doubt Troy is a professional who is very passionate and dedicated,” said Trevor Mirosh, the Writer, Director, and Executive Producer of Exhibit Man.

Exhibit Man follows police forensic photographer Berry, known as the “Exhibit Man”. Berry has epilepsy and alien hand syndrome, which begins to affect his work, so he and his wife Erin relocate to the small town of Battleford, where Erin’s father, Walter, is the sheriff. Walter hires Berry to work for the sheriff’s department, again as a forensic photographer. One night, on the way home, Berry stops to pick up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a whole lot more. The story revolves around Berry trying to solve random murders that have started to happen around Battleford. 

“I’ve been aware of the level of production Trevor is capable of and knew I’d be getting into a project with production value. I very much love the style and tone that Trevor was using to tell this story,” said Mundle.

Because Berry suffers from epileptic seizures, anxiety and Alien Hand Syndrome, Mundle spent many hours researching and studying these conditions prior to filming to truly encapsulate the character. On top of this, Berry has an Alien living inside him, and Mundle had to show this in many subtle ways throughout his performance so that when this twist ending was finally revealed, audiences would have that vital “ah-ha!” moment that was so key to the film’s success. Mundle’s dedication, work ethic and deep empathy provided the skills to uniquely and distinctly portray this complex character. 

“Working on this production was such an amazing experience. It was the first time that I was working on such an interesting role and on a project that wasn’t mine. This gave me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the character and enabled me to focus on the preparation and research, observing real-life situations in order to bring truthful behaviors to the performance,” said Mundle. 

Mundle’s leading performance in Exhibit Man enchanted audiences and critics all around the world. The film garnered 7 award wins and 19 nominations internationally and was an ‘Official Selection’ in over 18 International Film Festivals. Mundle himself took home the award for 

Best Actor at the 2019 FilmQuest Film Festival and was nominated for Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama at the Leo Awards and Best Actor at the Vancouver BadAss Film Festival. Mundle is honored to have played such a large part in this great success.

Photo by Kristine Cofsky – The Portrait Sessions Photography