Best Trek of Kodachadri

Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Karnataka, especially for trekking. There are some hidden gems that you can visit and take in fun activities if you are not in the mood to visit the tourist spots that are infiltrated. One of those activities is the Kodachadri trek, which you may choose to obtain a living experience. Kodachadri is a popular stop in the Shimoga district of Karnataka to those not aware of this trekking place in general. Let’s dive deep into this trek and learn how to complete it positively.

Around Trek of Kodachadri

Kodachadri is located in the district of Shimoga, at Karnataka, about 20 kilometers from Kollur, the famous temple of Mozambique. With its long, lush greenery, the place is pretty sweet. From September to February the best time to choose this trip is when the weather isn’t just hot, it is also very safe and safe. You can walk through the whole trail, which is 15 km away from the base; otherwise, you can easily take a jeep to a convenient place and then walk away.

Kodachadri’s Best Time

Kodachadri Trek, declared a heritage site of the Karnataka government, is one of India’s best tours. You need to know the best time to visit Karnataka for a soul-satisfying trekking experience. The best months from September to January are according to the trekkers who have already conquered the Kodachadr summit. The true beauty of the Kodachadr Mountain Peak during the months can be seen from good weather to the best of flora and fauna.

Kodachadri Trek Itinerary

The road takes two routes: the one to Karekatte and the other where the paths lead to Marakuttaka. In terms of route, the other one can be reached. The first is an easier route, and it is better for those who are not pro-tourists and need a trail that is easy to visit and explore.

The other has steep paths that are frequently difficult to cover. It involves the Hidlumane that is still pretty but dangerous. This process is also beautiful.

Most people suggest that they visit Nagodi or Nittur and stay at their homestay options. It makes the Kodachadri Trek in the Monsoon easier for you to explore and discover the region. When you take the jeep and then hike the last 5 kilometers, it is an excellent choice for you to get a handle on anything. The best guides are when you walk on all the way.

Half the Trek First

You will cross the Hidlumane Falls for the first half of the trek and then walk around the thick forest. After hitting the first mountain half, you can find a temple to rest and simply explore. Due to the rough roads, jeeps are the only mode of transport there.

If you want to make the most of the journey, camping is also a choice. You need permission to camp at the campsite in the vicinity of the Kodachadri Information Bureau.

Trekking Part Two

The second part of the trek begins at the Shankara Peetham car park. The final stage of the trek from here is five kilometers, which will take you finally to Peetham. A 40-feet-high iron pillar that stands high in front of the temple stands out over this place. It is supposed to be the Trishul interpretation used to kill Mookasura by Goddess Mookambika.

You have to opt for the Kodachadri trek in Karnataka if you would like an interesting experience with the trekking journey. Make sure you have it done in advance to prevent ultimate price spikes or inaccessibility. It is recommended since these are always designed well and offer a very seamless experience, that you choose the bundles.

How to get there?

Wondering how to get to Kodachadri the best way? The easiest and easiest way to reach Kodachadri is to travel to Bangalore then hire a car to the Nittur where the next day you can stay and start your Kodachadri Trek. You can also go to Kundapura train station and go to Nittur by taxi. It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes from the airport and about 7 hours from Kundapura Railway Station.

Kodachi Trek Tips

There are certain fundamental considerations to be held in mind when it comes to the trek to Kodachadri. With these tips sorted in mind, your trip will go smoothly without any glitch. There are also some tips you may want to take into account.

  • Make sure your important items are well packed during packing. A first aid kit and drugs needed if you need them must be ready.
  • Always have handsome apparel that won’t tie you down, and wear trek-friendly garments.
  • Bring bottles of water, still.
  • Pack your food snack during the ride. 
  • Make sure you carry all of the necessary camping things if you are thinking of camping.
  • Stop transporting bulky articles that don’t matter on the trail.
  • Get permission orders required in advance.