A wrecked car is a vehicle that had been damaged in an accident and not drivable. Even the insurance company declares such cars as totaled, which means the cost of repairs is higher than the value of the vehicle. It is difficult to sell a wrecked car, and nobody wants to buy a vehicle damaged in an accident.

However, there are many ways to get rid of your wrecked car. No individual wants to buy such a vehicle, but some people make money by buying and further selling wrecked cars. Such people create multiple ways for the owners to sell their totaled cars.

If you have such a car damaged in an accident, here are some ways to sell your wrecked car.

Local wrecked car buyers

Wrecked Car


There are some places like Melbourne, where you can find the people who trade in buying and selling or wrecked cars. The best way to get rid of an accidental vehicle is to sell it to a wrecked car buyer. These buyers disassemble the car and sell its parts to the service centers and garages. Selling to a local buyer is the best way to get cash for wrecked car Melbourne.

Sell it to a junkyard

Junkyards are another good option to sell your damaged car. Not all but some cities have junkyards where they buy the damaged vehicles that are neither drivable nor steerable. If you choose to sell to a junkyard, their workers can visit your place and tow your car in their truck. You don’t need to do anything, and they would offer you a check for the selling amount. However, some junkyards may ask you to tow the car to their place.

Get it repaired for selling

Repair Wrecked Car


If you want to sell your car to an individual buyer, you need to get it fixed. However, this option is beneficial only if it does not require major repairs. Ask a mechanic or professional to visit your place and examine the car to give you a rough estimate of the repair. If the cost of repair is reasonable, you can get your vehicle repaired and sell it at a higher price. However, this method is not recommended as in most cases the cost of repair is too high.

Repair and Drive it

If the engine of your car is in excellent condition and only the body is damaged, get the body parts replaced with the new parts. Get it services, and there won’t be any problems in the car as the engine is in proper working condition. Drive the vehicle until you plan to buy a new car or you find a buyer for the same who agrees to offer you the right amount according to the value of the vehicle.

Sell it to a friend or relative

If you have repaired your car and it is running perfectly, but you want to buy a new car, you can sell it to a friend or relative. There may be a friend or relative who wants a car for a reasonable price. Tell your friends and relatives that you want to sell your car and it is working fine. Anyone who wants to buy at a reasonable price will buy because people prefer buying from a friend instead of buying from a stranger.

Sell it in parts

If the cost of repair of your car is too high and the junkyards and local buyers offer you a very low value for the same, the best option is to sell it in parts. Call a local mechanic and ask him to disassemble your car. Sell the damaged parts to a junkyard and sell the good parts in the used car spares market. You can sell the parts in good condition online to the individual buyers. Many people want to replace their worn tires with used tires at a reasonable price.

Sell it in an Auction

The traders who trade in the buying and selling or wrecked cars also organize the auctions to buy them. The owners of damaged vehicles can sell their cars in these auctions. If you don’t want to repair or drive your car, you can sell in a wrecked car auction. However, you get a very low value for your car in such auctions. The buyers in these auctions sell it to the junkyards at a higher price or disassemble the vehicles and sell their parts to the garages and service stations to make a profit.

Final Words

Selling a wrecked car is difficult until you don’t know the ways mentioned above. Selling to junkyards, auctions and local wrecked car buyers is good for people who are ready to sell at a low price. However, if you want a good price, get it repaired to bring it is in proper working condition and then sell it to an individual buyer.