Mobile Phone Repairs

Be it the iPad repairs or repair of anything that is associated with the mobile phone. There are certain tools that are a must. Do you want to repair the cell phone on your own instead of going to the nearby repair centers? Then these set of tools become a must for you. In the absence of these tools or say the tool kit, it is nearly impossible to repair the phone how so ever small the fault might be because you will not be able to open the set and see where the fault lies unless the error is in the software. Here are the Top 5 Tools Required for Mobile Phone Repairs. These are as follows:

1. Opening tools

There are certain tools that are required to pen the cell phone at the first place. The most important in the list is the screw drivers which help dismantle a cell phone. Screw drivers are further divided into several types. One has the plus (+) shape head and others are the Penta lobe screw drive, one has the star shaped head termed torn having T6 as the most common size. You then need the openers to open the housing along with the tweezers to hold or to lift the electronic components.

2. Cleaning and servicing tools

For the mobile phone’s printed circuit board, you may use the spirit or thinner for the cleaning purpose. Apart from this, you require the brush to remove as well as clean any dirt or dust. Also, you need Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine for deep cleaning of PCB.

3. Testing and checking tools

A mustimeter is required for checking and testing the spare parts as well as the components. It checks the battery, the mic, the speaker as well as the loud speaker and broken tracks on the PCB. Mustimeters may be digital or analog mustimeter, the former being more accurate. The glass separator machine is also important to fix the screen issues.

4. Soldering and disordering

Rework Station heats and replaces the ICs (Chips) on the motherboard and helps in removing and mounting the soldered parts. A soldering iron helps in soldering and de-soldering the parts and components whereas a Soldering Flux is used for heating and removing the ICs.

5. Miscellaneous tools

Apart from the above mentioned category of tools there are some other tools also that you might find advantageous or helpful while you sit down to repair and fix the problem that is associated with your mobile phone. You might find Nose Pliers, PCB holder, Lamp, Magnifying glass and DC supply important.

All in all, these are the Top 5 Tools Required for Mobile Phone Repairs. To repair the phone, you need to buy all of these as the ones that are optional are not mentioned in the list. The other tools are required in cases of advanced troubleshooting and for the same we recommend you to only pursue the skilled technicians or else you may end up spoiling your entire set.

The author is a person who has a strong faith in the tools that help in sustainable development like the Mobile Phone Repairs. One of the methodology that is considered helpful for the same by the author is that of recycling and repairing, especially of the iPad screen repairs that is very vital.