Factors that Determines Iphone Repair Cost

Iphone Repair Cost

Iphone repair is expensive! Of course, there are many types of repairs that you can use to help fix your phone. For example, if the front screen is broken and you are using an iphone 4 or earlier, the entire screen can be replaced for between $100 and $160. For iphones 5 and up, it will cost about $250. You can replace a broken home button for about $10-$40 or replace a power or volume button for about $10-$30 before taxes. The Iphone repair cost is determined by number of factors;

Iphone Repair Cost

1.The cost of replacement parts.

This is the main factor that influences the price of the iphone repair. Of course, the mobile phone parts are very expensive, but if you have some extra money on hand, it can be more reasonable to buy iphone parts. For example if you wanted to keep your iPhone 5 screen with only one cracked screen and replace it with a new screen with other broken parts, you can substitute for $70 in parts for a total cost of about $120.

2. The type of damage.

If the damage is minor, like a cracked screen only, then you can save money by taking the easy way out and just buying a new Dell screen. If your phone was dropped in the toilet and there is no water damage and it still works, then you can save money by replacing it. As long as the iPhone 5 that has water damage is still functional, it is also possible to use for repair.

3. The cost of labor

This factor is also very important to iphone repair cost. If you are really handy at technology repair and you know how to handle tools, the price of phone repair will be cheaper than if you call a technician to do the job.

4. The time of the iphone repair

The more you do it yourself, the cheaper the price. This is because you will be able to get more work done faster and you can work on a small piece of your iphone every day and do it in your spare time or between other tasks. The more days or weeks it takes for a fix, the more money you will pay for that fix . For example if hiring a technician would take two weeks to complete the job, then you will have to pay $120 (two weeks x $60 a day = $120) even if the phone repair was successful.

Iphone Repair Cost factors

5.If you have an iphone repair insurance.

Is it possible that the cost of insurance you are paying is already covering your phone repair costs? If your job covers your iphone repair costs, then the cost of insurance will fall to you. It’s important to look at both factors and decide whether that price is worth it.

6. The time it takes for a fix or if you repair your iphone yourself

Your time is very valuable and if you have time to do phone repair then you can save money by doing it yourself. In our situation, the phone repair cost was $120. We bought new parts at Dell for $70 and we spent about 2 hours of our spare time completing the repair. Had we hired a technician, we would have probably paid about $240 for this same job. Therefore, taking into account the factors above, paying a little more money to do it yourself is actually much cheaper than hiring someone else!