What is the goal of your gardening efforts? Why are you actually taking the time-consuming lawn care?
For example, would you like to make your neighbor look a little jealous of your beautiful lawn? Or do you pursue the goal that the lawn should at least be nice green and reasonably dense? A lot of effort and energy will put you into the care of your garden booths this season.

We’d like to share a few tips and tricks on what to focus on when it comes to garden care. Because it is not always the case that an extremely high work input actually leads to the desired result.

Consider this 3 best tips for taking care of your garden.

Taking Care Of Your Garden

1. Regular mowing of the garden

When lawn mowing, or trimming the lawn, it is particularly important that you work with devices that have sharp blades. Especially with blunt knives, it can happen that your lawn plants suddenly turn yellow.
You can either use an electric lawnmower or a petrol lawnmower.

For high-tech enthusiasts, the lawn robots or robotic lawnmowers are very much on the rise – they take over the mowing virtually all by itself. You just have to install it once correctly and then you can look forward to a permanent and evenly short lawn.

The lawn should be mowed at least 1x better but several times a week. The aim is to encourage the grass plants to grow and to ensure that they grow dense and strengthened.

Taking Care Of Your Garden

2. Irrigate the lawn regularly

Water is one of the most basic ingredients for a green lawn. Because only with the right irrigation, you have the chance to get a green lawn.

Especially during the summer, it is advisable to check regularly whether the soil has enough water so that the turf plants are permanently supplied with this nutrient.

With the right lawn sprinkler, it is no longer necessary to walk through the garden with a garden hose and to supply as much water as possible to every spot. If your lawn is larger than the area the selected lawn sprinkler water, then it remains necessary to change it regularly.

Over time, however, one develops a feeling for what time it is time again that the other corners of the garden are tuned.

Especially new lawns need to be irrigated more frequently, as the roots of the plants do not reach so deep into the soil and therefore the water can only be obtained from the uppermost layer of the soil. The first sign of too dry soil is, for example, the discoloration of the lawn.

Taking Care Of Your Garden

3. Remove moss and weeds: scarifying and airing

A densely grown lawn is indeed the goal of every hobby gardener. However, you should regularly ensure that the lawn plants get enough light and air, for example, to ensure that the water can penetrate to the roots of the turf plants.

Moss and turf are formed after some time and must be combated regularly. Dead grass plants also need to be removed after some time to give possible mold little chance of spreading.

When scarifying, the moss growing above the turf plants are removed by means of a rake or scarifier. As a result, you will achieve that your lawn can breathe better again. Also for the water supply, it is important that the lawn is not overlaid by moss or felt. After scarifying, it is advisable to fertilize the lawn to give it as much power as possible over the necessary nutrients. With this lawn care, you ensure that the plants can regrow even stronger, denser and healthier. At the same time, the moss does not get a second chance to spread over a large area.

By ZackH