5 Garden Features to Add Value

Garden Features

Your garden is one of the biggest determiners of home value. Potential buyers often look to the garden as the “wow factor,” and it certainly has an emotional impact. Adding some additional features can have a big impact on how much your property eventually sells for. Here is what you should be adding to increase the value of your home. 

Garden Features

#1 A shed

Somewhat surprisingly, sheds rank high on the list of value-adding garden features. A decently sized shed positioned in a secluded area (not dominating the garden) makes a big impression. Sheds mean storage, and they have the knock-on effect of making your garden appear less cluttered with tools and equipment. They also offer individuals a private space away from the main home, effectively giving buyers more physical property for their money. Sheds are easy to install, and there’s one to fit every price bracket.

#2 Water features

Easily the most therapeutic addition to the list, water features come in all shapes and sizes, and they all add value. They range from the small (a pond with some fish makes a fantastic centerpiece) to the substantially larger (landscaped features with fountains). Whatever you choose, water features add charm and interest. They’re near infinitely customizable too. Adding marine plants, intricate stone designs, and even lights can make your water feature stand out from the crowd.

#3 Greenhouses

Greenhouses are one of the most popular garden features. They add value by giving the potential buyer additional physical property, access to a year-round, temperature-controlled environment, and somewhere to indulge their horticultural whims. They make an excellent focal point too, and buyers are allured by the idea of growing their own produce. There are lots of different greenhouses available, with installations to suit any garden size. Even small ones add value, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can grow in them.

#4 A patio area

It’s easy to understand why a well-constructed patio adds value. They bring function to a garden, giving you a place to relax and soak up the sun. A well-sized patio with some garden furniture is suggestive of space well used. Sturdy decking or polished tiles make an excellent choice, but always ensure that your patio is in good condition before the house goes on the market. Adding heating facilities and lights ups the ante even further, making your patio a truly attractive place to spend an afternoon.

#5 Lawn/artificial grass

While patio areas do add value, buyers still prefer the natural touch. If your garden doesn’t have a lawn (or it doesn’t have much of one), consider expanding in this area before you put the home on the market. Lawns are attractive, provide a safe haven for nature and give people somewhere to relax during those warm summer months. They’re also somewhat of a blank canvas and will fire buyer’s imagination about how they might put their own stamps on the garden. If the prospect of sowing a new lawn from scratch seems daunting, artificial grass is easy to install and has much the same effect.