Steam Cleaning a Car Engine

Not all automotive engineers recommend steam cleaning a car engine but the final decision rests with the owner. While the debate over washing or steam-treating the engine lingers, most prefer it especially when grease and grime settle on the engine’s surface. It also reduces the possibility of engine fire to a certain extent and boost its lifespan.

The very reason for the argument of whether steam-cleaning should or shouldn’t be done over the engine is due to the use of chemicals, liquors and other compounds. However, they’re all safe for circuits and delicate sensors because of the vapor form.

Facilities for a steam car wash in Dubai are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning technology so if you’re present in the region, let the experts treat your car in the best way it deserves. Here are some factors to consider when steam cleaning a car engine;

Determine if you need an engine-cleaning compound. The decision ultimately depends on the type of steam cleaning process being deployed along with the engine’s condition. There are some professional steam cleaners powerful enough to bust grime and grease without any additional composites.

Similar Contraptions

And then there are other similar contraptions developed especially for cleaning the vehicle at home but they aren’t that strong and you may require extra elbow grease to get the job done fairly.

  • Apply engine-cleaning products but only if necessary and be sure to follow the guidelines as mentioned on the brand. Make sure the product doesn’t come in contact with circuits and delicate sensors. You can cover exposed circuitry with plastic to prevent damage or simply read the maintenance guide.
  • Let the engine-cleaning product settle over the surface for some time or as preferred. That’ll depend on the amount of dust and oil settlement; the more the grit, longer the time required.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and remove as much grease, grime and cleaning solution. Microfiber fabric has the tendency to extract dust in a single wipe due to the presence of friction. After this, begin steam cleaning and ensure using products that are harmless to the engine and other peripherals.
  • Steam car wash in Dubai is carried by automotive professionals with ultramodern cleaning machines and products that won’t just restore the original luster but improves overall aesthetics and engine performance.

Overall car treatment

Besides just the engine, your car also requires thorough cleaning inside out and splashing it with water won’t do much good. This is when steam treatment is the perfect option and there are certain benefits. Check out below;

The interior

  • A perfect solution for removing odors, pet stains, mold and mildew
  • Deep cleansing of the in-car fabrics rather quickly
  • You can easily work your way into the dashboard, ashtrays, vents and other corners
  • Surfaces are dried instantly so you don’t need to stress yourself

The exterior

  • Effortless cleaning to get the dirt off
  • Zero toxic deposit and window streaks
  • Tar, wax and other compounds on bumpers, chrome and moldings are easily removed without damaging the vehicle
  • Vinyl tops, whitewalls and wheels can be cleaned completely

Essential factors

Using steam instead of power washers keeps the vehicle clean for longer and you’ll actually enjoy riding in a fresh cabin. Besides the aesthetics, there are certain health benefits to cleaning the interior especially air vents that spread allergens and dust.

Tips & warnings

  • It’s better driving to a facility that caters steam clean rather than doing it yourself. In the hands of professionals, your vehicle and its critical parts are safe from possible damage.
  • Maintain sufficient distance between the cleaning contraption and the engine that’ll guarantee safety.


Give your vehicle the best cleaning treatment it deserves with steam. Let the above details guide you further!

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By Punit