Roadside assistance (RSA) is a rider that people usually avoid buying along with their car insurance policy. They think that they can do without it. They think the premium of this rider is a mere wastage of money. However, if you stop and think, you will find that there are various benefits offered by RSA. Let’s have a look at reasons to opt for RSA and its benefits.

Road Side Assistance Rider

Three reasons to opt for RSA

1. It gives complete peace of mind:

Roadside assistance is just one call away. Thus, it gives utmost peace of mind during stressful situations. It becomes more useful when a woman or an elderly person is the primary user of the vehicle.

2. It gives 24×7 services

Roadside Assistance is available 24×7. You can call the insurer during wee hours also when you are in the middle of the road. You can get help when you have a flat tire or any other mechanical fault with no one around to help you. Whether it is morning, noon or night, the insurer will make sure your loved ones are aware of your whereabouts.

3. It is easily available

In case your car breaks down, contacting the insurer is as easy as pulling out a card and dialing the number. You don’t have to search for a technician or garage. Your one call to the insurer will take care of everything.

4. It makes you free from complicated repairs

Often, car issues are beyond our comprehension. Calling someone who can provide professional assistance to fix the issue right away can be of great help. It is important when you’re stuck in the middle of the road during the wee hours.

5. It helps in post-accident care

What is worse than getting into an accident? Not knowing what to do after an accident. At this point in time, you might require help in moving the damaged vehicle, and here roadside assistance add-on can provide you much required assistance.

6. It is affordable:

Though you need to pay a little extra amount to enjoy RSA services, it is justifiable if you look at the benefits. If you have RSA, you don’t need to pay anything to the tow truck driver in case of a car breakdown. Similarly, if you don’t know how to change a flat tire, you can call the insurer who will arrange an on-site technician to fix the problem. It is highly affordable and one should definitely add it to their car insurance policy to get the complete coverage.

Now, you know the reasons to add RSA to your car insurance policy, let’s look at some of its benefits:

1. Towing assistance

In case your vehicle becomes immobilized due to an accident or there is a mechanical or electrical breakdown, the insurer offers towing service to take your vehicle to the nearest garage, your home or police station, as per the situation.

2. On-the-spot repairing

If the mechanical or electrical faults caused to the car are minor and do not require much time and effort, the roadside assistance team will take care of the problem then and there.

3. Technician visit

In case your car has suddenly developed an issue, and you are unsure of the fault at hand, the insurer arranges for a technician to examine the vehicle and set it right.

4. Flat tire change

Many of us don’t know how to change a flat tyre. To ease the problem, an on-site technician is arranged to replace a flat tire or take it to the nearest garage.

5. Arrangement/supply of fuel delivery

Running out of fuel is a helpless situation that no vehicle owner wants to face. When you have a flat tire, you know that you can change the tyre on your own, however, when you run out of fuel, you find yourself in a stranded situation. You’re stuck wherever you are until you walk to the nearest garage or someone brings fuel for you. If you unexpectedly run out of fuel, the insurer refills your car with enough fuel to let you reach to the nearest fuel station.

6. Pick up of the vehicle in case of the driver’s disability

If due to an accident, the driver of the vehicle becomes disabled and unable to continue the journey, assistance is given to pick the vehicle and transport it to the desired location.

7. Taxi services

The insurer seamlessly coordinates with the car rental companies to arrange a cab for you and other stranded passengers in case of a car accident or breakdown. The insurance company takes care of the towing of the vehicle to the nearest garage.

8. Alternate accommodation

In the case of a severe breakdown that can’t be repaired on the spot, the insurer makes arrangements for free accommodation to stay. However, certain conditions need to be fulfilled before the insurer offers this service. For instance, some insurers offer alternate accommodation services only if the breakdown/accident spot is over 100 km away from the address mentioned in the policy document and repair time of the vehicle at the garage is over 12 hours.

9. Message relay

Being unable to contact your family and friends about your whereabouts can be quite distressing. With the help of the insurer, you can pass on important messages to relatives/colleagues as required during an emergency.

10. Arrangement of spare key

If the car key is lost or you accidentally lock it inside the vehicle, the insurance company will either arrange for spare keys from the office/home or tow the vehicle to the place the policyholder intends to go.

11. Shipment of important spare parts

If some critical spare parts are required to repair the insured vehicle on the spot, the insurer arranges for the shipment of spare parts to the breakdown/accident location.

12. Battery jump-start

Not being able to start the car due to the faulty battery is a common problem faced by most of the car owners. In case the battery is facing some issues, the insurer extends battery jump start service to the policyholder. In this case, the insurer will either jump start or make an arrangement of the alternate battery.

13. Breakdown support over the phone

Insurers offer first-hand breakdown assistance over the phone to fix minor issues. The customer support not only guides you on the phone but also gives other important information like direction to the nearest garage, etc.

14. Legal advisor referral

Getting a bit of prompt and reliable advice from lawyers after an accident can go a long way in curtailing legal troubles that may arise. In this case, the insurer can connect you with reputed lawyers who can represent you in a police station or court, as per the situation.

RSA sorts all types of problems and thus, gives 360-degree coverage. There is no reason for ignoring roadside assistance add-on which only eases your life on the road. Moreover, all the above services rendered under a roadside assistance program are not restricted to a particular location as these are available throughout the country. Even if your car breaks down in your home parking lot, you can contact your insurer for help.

As it is said, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination”, and therefore, to enjoy a peaceful journey, it is imperative to add roadside assistance to your car insurance policy, which promises to offer you smooth and indestructible journey, away from all hustles and bustles.

By Punit