Tips for Dawn and Dusk Photography by Photography Schools

Have you ever given a thought that why is everybody going bonkers over dawn and dusk photography? Why every third person you know is waking up very early on the weekends and going to the park, field, and by the river with their cameras? Well, if we say that dusk and dawn photography is the recent trend, you cannot deny that. Plus, dusk and dawn give the perfect smooth light that can make your photos required warm outdoor glow.

Dawn and Dusk Photography

Tips for Dawn and Dusk Photography

The lecturers and veteran professors teaching at the best photography schools share some important tips to click the perfect dawn and dusk photography. So if you are an aspiring photographer, and love to click outdoor photographers, these tips are for you-

Click your favorite spots

Sunrises are never the same. Couldn’t believe it? Go to your favorite spots early in the morning, or during the sunset. Click photos at different times, of different situations. The light shades and sunrays can do wonders for your photos. You will notice changes and contrasts in the cityscape, and in the river and sky. Also, set new challenges for yourself. Ask yourself- what changes can be made for the photographs I am clicking at the same time. Photography courses in Delhi NCR always push their students to think and click photos from different angles, with unique characters of light and shade, hence creating a sense of curiosity for all the time and all the lights present in nature.


No matter if you live in an overcrowded city or just beside a hill with a very low population, the dusk and dawn are usually the times when all the places are deserted, and create a feeling that you are in a different world. The light and sound are different and the photos you take at these times can make everything special. The emptiness in nature is special to be felt with locations that get too much population, like public squares, tourist spots, monuments, beaches, mountains, and roads.

Long Shadows

Shadows create a natural dimension in photos. And if you know how to use the shadows in your pictures, dawn and dusk are the right time to do that. Long shadows and normal, smooth light give stunning effects in photos. The sun is low between dawn and dusk, and the natural light effect creates beautiful photos. The serenity in nature gets wonderfully captured in the photos.

Dusk and dawn are the blue hours of the day. There is very little time between day and night. So if you are shooting during these hours, be prepared with your cameras, and tripods. As the light changes very quickly you will not get much time for camera set up. Preparing everything well in advance would help you not to miss a single light change and incessant clicking of the best time of the day.