Things To Do Near Kheerganga

In the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, Kheerganga is situated in the breathtaking Parvati Valley. Parvati Valley is known as a paradise for trekkers. Kheerganga is 14 kilometers uphill from the base camp in Kasol’s most famous trek. This is where you want to start if you are a beginner trekker.

Even for pros, the trek is a thriller, full of tricky trails and lovely views over the valley. Tosh & Kasol is known for its surreal and multi-national party culture in Parvati Valley. There are many hippies and pioneers traveling about.

Getting to Bhuntar:

The Delhi-Manali Highway helps you to reach Bhuntar quickly. From Delhi it is possible to take a private AC or Volvo bus to Bhuntar. All of these buses will however depart in the afternoon after 6 pm and land in the morning in Bhuntar. HRTC buses from the Cashmere Gate can also be chosen. You can also hire a private taxi to reach Bhuntar from Delhi.

Bhuntar to Barshaini:

Bhuntar is a small village to take a bus to Barshaini. It’s just like that. You can also take a taxi to Barshaini, following Kasol and Manikaran. It is here that the rivers Parvati and Tosh cross. Tosh is just about five kilometres from Barshaini. You can walk to Tosh for an overnight stay after your descent.

Barshaini has two major routes – Rudra Nag and Nakhtan. It is a two-day walk (including hiking and travelling times) and it is not advised to complete the expedition in one day.

Things to Do Near Kheerganga

1. Trekking

It is a must that you stop at the Nakthan Village while you’re on the trek. It’s a must to replenish your energy at the right distance. In addition, cafés in this small town have lovely food choices.

2. Spring Bath

enjoy the spectacular spring water; it’s just pure magic and this water can be used to drink. Understand the strength of freshwater when sipping it.

3. Camping

If the stay in the tents isn’t given a chance, the Kheerganga trek experience is incomplete. Once you arrive at the summit, a range of camping options are open. The camping experience at Kheerganga at Stargazing is the highlight.

4. Sunset view

Sunsets are always lovely views, but sunset views are the best from Kheerganga. Highlights like orange, red and purple will change the colors of the day, and give you a beautiful view. The sky will be breathtaking. These sunsets should also be observed with full attention, so that they can be amazed to live them.

5. Take a bath in the sulfur spring

The hot spring water acts like a natural cure to cold weather and trekking tiredness. Water in the spring, which makes it a must, is renowned for its medicinal nature. But this experience becomes a must-try from the view of the snow-covered mountains as you bathe.

6. Enjoy the beautiful nature

The natural beauty of the place is the greatest asset of the Kheerganga trek. Make sure you’re quickly a part of this wonderful setting and don’t blame the walk .

Main Attractions in and around Kheerganga

1. Sulphur Spring

Sulphur hot water spring is one of the places to be visited in Kheerganga. The water is believed to have medicinal properties in this spring to treat skin disorders.

2. Manikaran Gurdwara

Visit the Gurudwara Manikaran. Settled elegantly between the formidable hills and the free-flowing Beas river, this gurudwara is about 6 km away from Kasol.

3 Shiva-Parvati Temple

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati temple is the largest highlight in the area and is solely regarded as a pretty tourist footfall.

4 Tosh

Tosh is a pit stop for all backpackers who explore Kazol and Parvati valley. It is 5 km away from Barshaini and is famous for its EDM parties and its thirsty hippie culture. You should check out the Jamdagni Rishi Temple when you visit in January or February. In Tosh, the Pink Floyd Cafe is popular for its stupendous atmosphere.

5 Kasol

Kasol is famous mainly for its stunning views and many short walks and climbing opportunities 22 kilometres from Kheerganga. The popular town of Malana can be visited or relax at the Jim Morrison Cafe. See the pristine and pure Parvati River, Kasol and Shiva Temple Bridge as well.

Have a good Visit !