Things to do at Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo once a sleepy beach town is now a bustling tourism center and gateway to other tourist attractions in Indonesia. It is famous for the many luxurious beach hotels and numerous tourist activities and attractions.

This has a rich history as a fishing town and has recently transformed to a busy tourism center. It has numerous historic attractions. In addition, it has developed to include an airport that is the gateway to other islands that have even more tourists.

What to do when you visit Labuan Bajo

1. Visit the Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is home to the endangered Komodo Dragons. They are the largest land reptiles and are protected by the government here.

From Labuan Bajo to Komodo, you can hop onto a one-hour boat ride and you will be at the park gates before you know it.

Here you will have the time of your life as you marvel at the speed and strength of the aggressive lizards described as dragons in a guided tour around the park. You will need a park ranger to accompany you around the park for your protection from the dragons.

2. Hike the Padar Islands

Padar Island is a jutting island that invites you to hike. A short speed boat ride will get you to the floor of the island in readiness for the hike.

Most tour operators and hotels advise that hikers to take the hike in the early morning or the late afternoon during sunset. This protects hikers from sunburns.

From the base to the top of the island is a two-hour hike that leads you through different types of vegetation on the hilly island. Once at the top, you will have at your disposal a magnificent view of the clear blue ocean and clean white, pink and black beaches.

3. Bask in their unique beaches

You can also get to visit the unique colored beaches in the area. Most of the traveling is done by boat.

The beaches around Labuan Bajo are quite unique. There are three types of beaches in this area. There is the white sand normal beach that everyone knows and wants to bask in. Next is the rare pink sand beach. It is a popular beach with tourists as they capture lots of photos of themselves basking in the pink beach.

The next unique beach is the black sand beach. This beach on the volcanic side of the islands which leads to its sands turning black.

A visit to these beaches is both an educational and enjoyable session.

4. Snorkeling and deep-sea diving in the ocean

Once on the boat ride, there are many attractions that your guide could lead you to. One of the many and unique adventures you can experience is snorkeling in the clear blue oceans. The clean and clear blue seas away from the beach are quite calm.

Here, you can easily dive under the ocean to experience and see the diverse marine life in the ocean waters around this region.

If you are not comfortable deep-sea diving, you can easily take a class with the numerous trainers in the area.

Batu Bolong island is a favorite for many due its tranquil, clean and clear ocean waters.

Manta rays are a common scene when snorkeling in the waters around Labuan Bajo.

5. Romantic lunch at a private beach

You can easily board a boat to take you to any of the beautiful islands around the ocean from Labuan Bajo. You will get to experience the intimacy and closeness that comes with being a couple on a private beach.

Tour operators will organize a romantic setting and meal for two. You will also get the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful island sunset. The ocean and the skies reflect the orange light of the setting sun setting a romantic and memorable scene.

A holiday in Labuan Bajo will always be unique and memorable with many adventures and new experiences.