In the fierce competition, the company’s culture plays a pivotal role in keeping the best-performing employees contented. It is important to remain associated with the company in the long run. In fact, it often acts as a dividing line between keeping rock star employees and losing them to rivals. To reinforce a positive culture inside your call center, it is important to follow certain rules.

Your call center department is the front line of your business. They are the only people who will represent your business and interact with paying customers. A well-organized, positive and collaborative call center environment is the perfect place to boost the productivity of your staff. Moreover, such kind of workplace is more successful than a group of bored, burnt-out customer care representatives. When building a vibrant atmosphere across the workplace, it is important to consider some steps to recognize each agent individually. However, it is also important to create a culture where everyone is working together for a common objective.

Call Centre Culture

Given below are the important things which you need to consider to achieve this goal and build a positive call center culture.

1. Add a healthy competition

To foster a positive and healthy environment, organizing games, competitions and fun-packed activities are the great ways. Think of a program that nurtures healthy competition and also helps in moving your business goals forward. Do you want to outreach a wide audience base? If it is your motive then make this the purpose of the game. Do you want to cross-sell more customer? Make this the objective of the game. Choose a game for your call center executives to race against each other within a given time frame.

Or think about how you could enhance the age-old games you played when you are a kid for your call center. Here is an example that you can consider: Create Bingo cards for your customer care agents where each card conveys a goal. Every time an agent completes a goal, they mark the Bingo square. The first agent who completed the square for the day wins the prize.

2. Improve collaboration

Despite the frequent interactions with customers, being a customer care representative is a boring job. If you bring a collaborative environment, then surely you will engage the call center agents and achieve the business goals. Call center staff when collaborating with each other, they will feel more connected to both the team. Hence, it is important to build your call center collaboration by integrating call center software with a team media collaboration tool.

This tool enables call center staff to chat with each other, respond to customers promptly, get trained and avoid being alone, even if they are not physically available at the workplace. Some of the best call center companies create collaboration through training. They allow their staff to visit professional networking events, attend webinars, or take online courses together and then participate in a discussion afterwards.

So, host monthly meetings wherein each agent can participate and share his positive and negative experiences and kudos with their colleagues. In this way, you can flourish the positivity across the workplace.

3. Ensure your staff is skilled

By offering specialization to your workforce, you are targeting two things:

  • Empowering staff to enhance their skills and feel like experts in their role, which in turn boost their job satisfaction.
  • Improving first call resolution time since customers are routed to the right person who is capable enough to resolve the customer issue in the first call itself.

From the various researches, it has found that 67% of customer churn gets reduced if the customer issue was resolved at the first interaction. It benefits your business to spend the capital on providing training to agents so that they become specialized. Moreover, a skilled agent is capable to solve customer issues on the first call and prevent customers from turning to counterparts.

Apart from this, you can set up internal company chat rooms to share kudos, articles and company news. With the help of social networking tools, customer service representatives can communicate with each other. This will help in nourishing workplace friendships and good wills. Best call center companies follow these ways to build a perfect call center culture that is not only employee-friendly but productive as well. You should adopt these tips to create an effective call center culture.

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