Top 7 Must Visit Theme Parks In Los Angeles

Theme Parks In Los Angeles

Planning to visit Los Angeles? Have a look at some of the best-known theme parks before you leave for the ‘City of Angels’. Ranks among the top 6 in the global index, Los Angeles with diverse landscapes, ethereal Hollywood hills, beautiful beaches, and iconic theme parks. This global city, with its ambiguity about stereotypes, is a sprawling metropolis. Known as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles sits right amidst the mountain range and the beautiful Pacific ocean. Make Sun Country Airlines reservations to Los Angeles right away and spend some fun time with your near and dear ones in these famous and worth-visiting theme parks.

A Detailed Guide to the 7 Top-Known Theme Parks in Los Angeles

You might have visited numerous theme parks all over the world but trust me, theme parks in Los Angeles are completely different owing to their unique qualities. Visitors can easily find the theme park in Los Angeles according to their taste and preference. Scroll down to know which one will fit your requirement and suit you the best.

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

Let’s unfold this list with the world-renowned name i.e. Universal Studios Hollywood. This name needs no special introduction as its fame and popularity are enough to lure visitors from far and wide. This Hollywood-themed amusement park comprises film connected rides and affections. You can also enjoy the conjuring sphere of Harry Potter, which is a new addition to the beauty of this theme park.

Take a tour through some stages along with the sound of the studio construction workroom. This park is well-known for its impressive surrounding and awe-inspiring grandeur. Along with that, you can also get the chance to enjoy musical performances here.

2. Disneyland Park

The second most famous and worth-visiting theme park is Los Angeles is none other than Disneyland Park. Situated in Anaheim in the southern portion of California, this park possesses all the qualities of being the perfect Disneyland Park with the promise of true Disney magnetism for the children as well as adults. This theme park is mainly designed for the entire family amusement rather than just teenagers. What keeps you waiting? 

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Located in Valencia, Six Flags Magic Mountain is aptly placed on the third position in this list. Do you know this is one of the carnival parks with the biggest application of fun rides? You’ll be glad to know that this park houses a total of 19 roller coasters and thus created a world record for being the first theme park with such a large number of roller coasters. This place hosts a variety of musical concerts and several other events.

4. Knott’s Berry Farm

Yet another park with the perfect mix of rides for small children, Knott’s Berry Farm is counted amongst the best theme parks in Los Angeles to explore. It is also included within the card of Go Los Angeles. Some of the rides available to enjoy in this theme park are balloon race with hot air balloon baskets, Grand Sierra Railroad, High Sierra Ferris Wheel, and a lot more.

5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Next on the list of 7 best-known theme parks in Los Angeles is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Lies inside the Universal Studios, this theme park is entirely related to the media of Harry Potter. Established in the year 2016, this theme park is one of the widely-famous theme parks in the world and thus entices Harry Potter fans from all parts of the world. Here, visitors can get the chance to perform different spells from Harry Potter and create diverse responses.

6. Legoland California

Sits in the midst of San Diego and Los Angeles, Legoland California is specially designed for the children whose age is between 2 to 12 years. Please note down the fact that this theme park also includes the weight restriction for some of the rides as well. Some of the areas in this theme park are Imagination Zone, Castle Hill, Explorer Island, Legoland Waterpark, Land of Adventure, and several others.

Unlike other theme parks in LA, Legoland California is highly neat and tidy. Here, rides are divided according to age and weight. There are some rides which especially designed for the small kids while there are several other rides where the weight of the child might be a major concern. Call Spirit airlines reservations Vacations phone number and book flight tickets to Los Angeles right away.

7. Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

Last but not least theme park on our list is the Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. One of the most exciting factors that make it distinctive from other park options available in LA is that it doesn’t charge an entry fee from the visitors. Payment will be done only according to the rides. Here, you can find several interesting rides such as Gyro Loop, roller coaster rides, children’s rides, thrill rides, and much more. So, if you wish to enjoy the best time of your vacation, then add any of these theme parks in your itinerary and enjoy the fun experience like never before.