Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Barbae or Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder that commonly results in the unpredictable loss of hair. Naturally, it is disturbing as the hair on the scalp is a common way to express beauty. Therefore, it can cause a lack of confidence and distraught the person that suffers the condition.

Causes of Alopecia Barbae

The main cause of the condition is white blood cells. They attack hair follicle cells, and this leads to shrinking and slowing down hair production. The interesting factor is that scientists are yet to find out what causes the immune system to target the hair follicles.

Nonetheless, most studies lean towards the issue of genetics being the main cause of the condition. The reason for this conclusion is that Alopecia Barbae is not contagious. Therefore, if a family member has had the condition, another family member may be affected by the same. Therefore, if there is a family history of autoimmune disorders, it is likely that the condition will affect a family member.

Symptoms and Appearance

Naturally, it is not hard to diagnose the condition. If you visit the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, there are some signs that they will check to find out if you have the condition. In appearance, Alopecia causes hair loss on the scalp in the form of patches that are the size of a quarter. In extreme cases, there is total hair loss, also known as alopecia totalis.    

Any part of the body having considerable hair growth is at riskā€”for instance, eyelashes, eyebrows, or beards. The rate of hair loss is dependent on the height of the autoimmune disorder. It may happen in a few days or a couple of weeks.

The hair follicles are not destroyed; as such, regrowth is possible once follicle inflammation subsides. For instance, those who have few hair loss patches experience spontaneous regrowth and recovery without treatment of any kind.

According to statistics, 30% of those who get Alopecia Barbae experience an extensive hair loss cycle and subsequent regrowth. Half the patients with the condition gain full recovery within a year, with the other half experiencing multiple episodes. However, 10% of patients experience alopecia totalis, which completely loses hair on the scalp or full body.

Additional Symptoms

Exclamation mark Hairs: The appearance consists of short hair at the bottom around the bald spots that appear narrower.

White Hair: Strands of this kind grow in the affected areas.

Cadaver hairs: This happens when hair breakage occurs before reaching the skin.

Alopecia Barbae Affecting Nails

Surprisingly, it is not just the hair that is affected by this condition. The toenails and fingernails may show signs that one has Alopecia. The changes include the following.

  • White lines and spots on finger or toenails
  • Pinpoint dents appear
  • Nails become rough
  • The Nails turn thin and appear split
  • Nails lose their luster

Treatment of Alopecia Barbie

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we believe in restoring the aesthetic aspect of hair to give you the confidence you need from your looks. Furthermore, we insist on the provision of both medical therapy as well as home remedies. The condition may be disturbing, scary, and the treatment elusive. However, our doctors can suggest various treatments to help in the regrowth of hair quickly.

Corticosteroids are the most common form of treatment as they are anti-inflammatory drugs that help suppress the immune system. Administration of the drug involves topical ointment application, local injection, or being taken orally.

Additional Medication  

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, other drugs provided help in the promotion of hair growth and altering the immune system. They include SADBE, Anthralin, Minoxidil, and DPCP. These drugs help in the regrowth of hair. Nonetheless, they cannot suppress new patches of baldness.

There is the use of photochemotherapy suitable for patients unwilling or unable to utilize invasive or systemic therapies. There are other suggestions provided by the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration company that aid in protection against elements and provide and restore the aesthetic aspect. They include,

  • Wearing sunscreen when exposed to sunlight
  • Use wrap-around glasses to protect the eyelashes and eyebrows from debris and the sun.
  • Using headwear, scarves, and wigs
  • Use of ointments in the nose


The article provides symptoms and treatments of Alopecia Barbie. Aesthetics are important to personal confidence, and hair is a big part of this. As such, the use of the information provided at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration will assist you in the process and help you with your hair growth.

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