Best Summer Vacations In The United States

Best Summer Vacations in the United States

The summer vacations are around the corner, and travelers are prepared to discover the best summer adventures. The United States is an incredible option, as it offers the most cosmopolitan cities, nature, and history. We have curated a list of the best summer vacations in the United States to make it easier for you. Read the blog and grab your flight booking today!


California is the ideal destination for those who love uncontaminated landscapes, boundless roads, and horizons and for those who want to indulge in a little relaxation on the beach. An exciting itinerary can start from San Francisco. The American city is considered the most European and continues along the entire Pacific Coast Highway, which passes through Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Big Sur. 

Going south, you reach Santa Barbara, from where you can take a ferry to visit the Channel Islands. Going further down, you reach Los Angeles with its thousand attractions and its beaches. Finally, a visit also deserves the beautiful coastal city of San Diego and its famous zoo. So grab on the Delta Airlines booking for the best deals and discounts today!

The Great Parks of the West

A trip to the USA cannot be said to be complete if it does not include a visit to at least some of the West’s great natural parks. July is an excellent time for these places, although it will already be quite hot in some areas. But be prepared to grind many miles, but it will be worth it! 

From here, you can reach the majestic Monument Valley, the Navajo reservation that will leave you speechless for the fiery red rocks that rise majestically towards the sky. From here, you can go back and reach the Grand Canyon. It’s worth a stop in picturesque Sedona, a new age town surrounded by reddish rocks that offer beautiful scenery at sunset. There is a pass with which you can access all American national parks; without paying the entrance ticket each time, you can buy it directly in the first park you visit.

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The East Coast

Let’s completely change the area and move to the east coast of the country, which combines large metropolises with a fascinating cultural and historical heritage with the beaches’ relaxation. You can start your trip in Boston, and heading South, stop to admire the tremendous sandy stretches to Cape Cod. Read and know more about tours to Boston from New York before going for it.

A stop in Rhode Island is almost mandatory, especially if one of its countless music festivals is in progress. At this point, you will arrive in New York, where you must make a stop for 4 to 5 days to explore the city in the best possible manner. In July, the climate will be ideal, especially for the more windy coastal areas. In NY, it could be scorching, but you will be able to find refreshment in the countless museums and clubs. New York is definitely among the list of best summer vacations in the United States


Alaska is the ideal destination for those who have a great sense of adventure, have some time available, and have a reasonable budget. This is a relatively expensive destination but can offer real emotions from a naturalistic point of view. Unforgettable. Much recommended is the itinerary that crosses the Inside Passage, which allows you to immerse yourself in the country’s most unspoiled nature. 

This itinerary touches the locality of Ketchikan from where you can observe the bears in their daily hunting activity for salmon, the very animated city of Juneau, Haines, town center of the gold rush. You can admire the immense glaciers, pristine forests and watch whales throughout this path—definitely an unforgettable journey. Fly to Alaska using the Air Canada booking option for the best flying experience. 


July is the perfect month to visit the Hawaiian Islands as temperatures are warm and rainfall is less frequent. Get ready to discover unspoiled nature, often still wild, a postcard coral sea, and spectacular sunsets. What else a traveler needs in summer! Sure, you will have to go to the main Island, Oahu, where you can visit Honolulu and Pearl Harbour and relax on Waikiki beach. 

If you have some time at your disposal, you may even move to the other side of the islands to enjoy the natural wonders of the entire archipelago. Big Islands is the largest Island and offers the opportunity to observe two still active volcanoes, visit ancient shelters, cross the rainforest and stop at very different beaches. Hawaii is indeed the place to spend the best summer vacations in the United States