Choose Right Drinkware

Drinkware is among one of the most essential items of everyday usage. Whether it is a long journey or your daily travel, carrying drinkware has become a habit. You just cannot think of moving out without carrying spill-free drinkware. Be it water, coffee, or some other form of an energy booster, everything can be carried all day long. You need something durable to keep yourself energized the entire day. A good travel mug will get you through a busy day keeping you fresh all day long.

A sip of your favorite beverage is enough to make you enthusiastic again. Daily commuters would refuse to travel without reusable premium drinkware. They are easy to carry, keep your drink fresh, attractive, and are safer than any disposable drinkware. There are several options available in this category. Depending upon one’s need, frequency of usage, and quantity of the beverage carried, people can make a choice accordingly. There are several factors that one must consider while buying the right customized drinkware for themselves. 

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that will help in choosing the right quality drinkware for you while traveling: 

1. Size

Depending on how much quantity you require the drinkware to hold, you can decide the size of the drinkware. Usually, a travel mug should be somewhat between 400ml to 500ml. As it is convenient to carry and easily fits into any bag. You should go for a travel mug that is big enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day but at the same time should be easy to carry. And with refill options available it is always wise to play safe. 

2. Material

There are several options available in terms of the material of the drinkware. The materials used in the making of drinkware are plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Plastic travel mugs are affordable, light-weight, and easy to carry while the metal drinkware offers better insulation and less likely to leach chemicals. So depending on your budget and preferences you can choose the right material for your drinkware. 

3. Lid type

It is one of the prime factors that make your travel mug portable. There are several ways such as screwing or suctioning through which it is attached to your travel mug. Lid type is as important as anything else while choosing the right kind of drinkware. There are different ways to take your sip depending on the opening of the travel mug. There are several options available such as thumb slide, sip through, flip top, rotate lock, press button, etc. It is advisable to choose a lid type that is easy to use and leak-free. 

4. Insulation

You don’t want to rush now and then to the microwave or the refrigerator. The best travel mugs are the ones that hold the temperature for as long as possible especially when you have a long day ahead. Therefore insulation is an important characteristic of drinkware. Choose drinkware that provides good insulation keeping your drink fresh all day long. On average a travel mug keeps your drink hot for 4 hours whereas cold drinks will stay cold for 13 hours. However, the time may vary depending on the material and quality of the drinkware. Therefore choose as per your requirement. 

5. Look

The appearance of the travel mug also holds the utmost importance. Choose a simple and elegant looking drinkware that compliments your personality. Be it in the office or while traveling, a good, stylish drinkware is all you need.

These are the five basic factors that you must consider while choosing the right quality drinkware for you while traveling. You just can’t think of leaving the house without a good travel mug at your side. And now with customization options available with several online printing companies, getting good personalized drinkware is even easier. Buy premium drinkware online that is ideal for personal usage and even makes a great gift option.

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