Touring Bikes for Adventures

Why do dirt and gravel roads seem to be much more attractive? Leave the asphalt and check it with a specialized gravel bike. Wider tires and resistance style geometry make these bicycles excellent tools for exploring secondary roads on long routes.

Do you want to get even further from the box? There will never be a good time to travel than now. And with the latest innovations recently, there has never been a better time for bicycle touring and cycling. The canvas is blank. Get a little more adventure in your life. Pack your bags; take your bike and go.

You can ride on any bicycle. So, if you only have one bicycle and do not want to buy another, or can’t afford it, just go out there. Eventually, it will probably arrive at its intended endpoint, perhaps later, and a little more shattered.

Some types of touring bicycles really are not ideal for traveling. Unless your route is really difficult, you do not want anything with the rear suspension; they tend to be heavier and there are more to break and less obvious places to place your equipment, but the real problem is wasted energy with all that flexibility. Warnings: If you have a damaged back or something like that, a soft tail can take you through the path where you might feel really uncomfortable otherwise. I know a couple of guys that roll like that. And the seat cushions are great.

Adventure route:

As of 2019, a new type of bicycle appeared on the market: the adventure road bike. This is a bicycle that looks like a road bike, but it will also deviate and you will feel as comfortable as possible while doing it. Actually, adventure road bikes are basically luxury gravel bicycles with some additional features and excellent paintwork, which you can buy on the shelf instead of spending many winter nights in your garage building one of the pieces of strange appearance ordered on the Internet.

Gravel racing has existed for a long time in places that have many gravel roads; like North America What is different now is that manufacturers are putting a serious development and marketing of money in customized bicycles and ready for the adventure market because they consider that, although they do not intend to participate in any gravel race, They can attract you An extra bike.

Your road bike will not take you where this bike can, and although your mountain bike can take you there, it will do it much more slowly, and it is, well, a mountain bike. There I said it. These bikes are marketed on-road cyclists who want more flexibility but do not need or want a mountain bike.

Cyclotrons bikes:

Cyclotrons bicycles are light and versatile designed to ride in a muddy field in winter, in what must be one of the most absurd disciplines I have found. However, bicycles are bright and popular because of their speed and versatility. Most cycle-cross bikes have 33-35 mm rims, but some allow you to place MTB-sized rims.

CX tires are usually powerful, since most races are muddy, especially at the end of the season, or even at the end of the race, but very versatile tread styles are also available.The problem with the use of these bicycles to travel is basically comfort. Cyclotrons bikes are as stiff as fast ones and are often less comfortable to handle, despite having more cushioning of all that extra rubber and air between the rims and the ground.

The problem is the position in which most cyclotrons bicycles put the cyclist in an aggressive position. It is mainly because the lower support frame is higher than in most types of bicycles. While the front it remains low. The height allows the cyclist to clear more obstacles by “jumping” the wheels one at a time. It does without grounding the drive train it also allows the cyclist to step through more tight corners.

But because this part of the bike is so high up, the whole bike rises in the middle, tilting the rider forward and putting more weight on his arms. Fortunately for cyclotrons cyclists, this is really an ideal position to follow the track on a racing circuit; but cyclotrons races only last 60 minutes, while we want to run all day. Try to walk in that position all day and you will hurt your back. Of course, you can leave the saddle down. But that can result in less than optimal pedaling.

Hybrids and commuter bikes:

Many of the bicycles with the above descriptions will be good touring bicycles. These offer a comfortable driving position, a wide range of gears, mounting points for suitcases, fenders, and, often, have fairly reasonable prices. You also often get a bicycle that is also a good trip for the traveler. The main problem with these types of bicycles is the weight. It is unlikely that you will get an aluminum bicycle in this category that weighs less than approximately 14 kg, and some will be closer to 20 kg.

That is downloaded. Many of these bikes, although hard, stable, and reliable, are not really fun to drive. I also distrust a bit the durability of some hybrid and commuter bikes. The groups that are used at popular prices do not seem to resist many cases of abuse. That said, a hybrid or traveler is probably a solid option but it does not make my boat float.

By Punit