How Smart Lighting Can Transform Your Home

Smart lighting is the paving stone for creating a smart home. Smart lighting has many advantages, from making your home a safer place for your family to making a room more aesthetically pleasing when you’re entertaining friends.

Smart Lighting

Here’s why you should opt for a smart home lighting system:

It is more secure

Smart lighting systems have built-in motion sensors which can detect movement in a room. This means your smart bulbs will automatically illuminate a room when you walk into it, so you never have to walk in the dark again. You can trigger these built-in motion sensors for your smart bulbs outside the house in the garage and porch too, so these lights can be triggered to go on if someone is lurking outside your home at night.

You can also set your smart lighting system at home to go on and off at random times if you’re going to be away from home for an extended period for work or a holiday. These light fluctuations can scare off potential burglars thinking that someone is at home.

It’s more convenient

Smart lighting systems can be set to go on and off at the same time every single day, so you don’t have to ever think about walking into a dark home after a tiring day at work. Your smart lighting system will also be connected to a smartphone app, so you don’t have to wonder if you’ve left the lights on at home and worry about driving your electricity bill up. A few smart lighting systems can also be controlled through voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri.

It’s good for your health

Being in the sun and being in a well-lit room has proven benefits for your health. Now, new smart lighting systems are being engineered that mimic sunlight, which makes you feel better. Smart lighting systems which gradually change their lighting intensity according to the natural light outside also make you feel more productive and put less strain on your eyes.

Smart lighting can also help you sleep by gradually dimming the lights and tapering off by overcoming the issue of light-induced wakefulness.

It can automatically illuminate walk-in closets and storage spaces

Isn’t it more convenient for the light to automatically switch on when you have a big closet or a storage space instead of fumbling for a light switch every time you want to retrieve something or put something there? And if you leave a light switch on, it will add to your electricity bill. A smart light will be more helpful here, which can switch on and off when it detects a person’s presence in its space. 

It can add to your room’s aesthetic value

A few smart lighting systems can change colors and can be used to create an atmosphere according to your mood, which can be great when you’re entertaining guests.

You can also create accent lighting for your furniture if you want to get creative with a space in your home. Also, If you’re going to work for an extended period, you can change your smart lighting from white to dim yellow, which puts a lesser strain on your eyes than white light. 

It creates the great ambience

Smart lighting is simple to install and use, you can dim them and tune them to every hue so they not only match but are also less intrusive on your eyes, providing a beautiful ambience.You can set the lighting for a romantic date, or for late night illumination.You may also configure them to change tone and intensity in response to the sun’s shifting temperature during the day.

The virtues of smart lighting don’t end here — they’re affordable and a more sustainable option compared to traditional lighting in the long run. A home lighting system can be the first step in the right direction to make your house a smart home.