Smart Garage Building Ideas

Garage building has become a necessity in the U.S.A. The need of garage door has increased because of many reasons like to increase the storage space in-house or for your car safety. Cars not only need to be secured safely but also to be protected from the harsh weather conditions. Moreover, if they are left carefree in the roadside parking, any driver or passer-by could hit your car hard.

You might be thinking that garage building is an expensive protection; however, nothing comes before your safety. That is why here we present you 9 amazing ideas for your garage building at your home. The professionally build garage will not only provide your security but also gives your house and elegant look. In fact, they are one of the best home additions.

1.  The Pergola Roof

This design has earthy tones that complement the green grass, which is unique for garage flooring yet gives you a refreshing look. The gate includes the wooden slats in contrast with the earthy tones. The pergola roof garage adds beauty your house along with the rustic touch.

2.  Simple and Minimalist Design

The minimalist designs have an extended concrete slab along with your house that gives enough space to park your vehicle safely. You need to make boundaries around the areas, moreover; add lights that lead you to the right parking, no matter at what time of night you come home.

3.  Steel Cube

A charcoal black cube has a glass door, which gives it a unique look. This stylish design serves you for two purposes, one is to park your car and the other is it gives you an outdoor terrace to enjoy.

4.  Wooden Slats

If you are a fan of the traditional look, go for the wooden slats. It gives you a traditional look at all the features of the modern garage.

5.  Gable Roof

The Gabel roof garage is usually built away from the house for cars, bicycle or other vehicles. This look of garage gives you a charming and pleasant feel of a house. The glass on the top of the garage is to allow some sunlight and fresh air inside to keep the place fresh and free from smells of lubricants.

6.  Cork Interior

You can make your garage doors interesting and useful. The cork interior makes your doors interesting and fun, with the protected spaces for your vehicle.

7.  White Tones

If you do not like the rusty or traditional tones for your garage all time, you can have the white tones. It gives your garage a neat and fresh look. Moreover, it makes your garage looks bright and wide.

8.  V-Shaped Garage

The V-shaped garage is an extraordinary home addition. This modern and elegant look add beauty to your house in a unique way.

9.  An Extended Roof

The extended roof designs in similar to the concrete extension; however, the extension include tiles on the top as a shelter. This adds a Tuscany touch to your home exterior with a little bit color and texture.

Do not choose boring and outdated garage building for your car safety and storage. Make your house exterior look as appealing and beautiful as the interior.