7 Tips to Secure Your Home and Keep it Safe While You are Away on a Vacation

Secure Your Home

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”. These lines belong to George A. Moore but are apt for all of us. Home is where our heart is, no matter where we go.

If you are planning a fantastic vacation to leave all your worries behind, it’sjust a great idea! Who doesn’t want to go on a peaceful vacation? Just imagine yourself lying on a beach, enjoying the cold winds and the soothing sound of crashing waves.

But out of, nowhere thoughts of your home come to your mind and entirely disrupts your cheerful mood. What if there is a short-circuit or a gas leak? What if someone breaks in? Such nuisance thoughts not only increase your blood pressure but also ruin your vacation mood.

While vacation is a great chance to escape everyday routine, leaving your house unattended during this time can be a significantworry.

However, many security measures can be installed and put in place before you go on your holiday. This will not only keep your home securebut also put your mind at ease. Check out the following ways to keep your home safe while you are on holiday:

1) Notify your trusted neighbours

Tell your neighbours about your vacation so that they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity while you’re gone. For emergency situations, it is better to give them your contact details, a spare set of keys and the code for any alarm. Ask them to keep the tab on the house in case of electricity issues or gas leaks.

2) Install a wireless home security monitoring system

To have peace of mind and not worry about home all the time, a wireless home security monitoring system is must, as it provides an enhanced level of security while you’re away. Such a system will send you temperature and motion alerts along with live video clips to your smartphone.

In case of any suspicious activity, you will be instantly alerted through the wireless security system’s app on your iOS or Android device.

3) Have hi-tech door locks installed

Nowadays hi-tech locks come with amazing features as they have virtually become keyless. You have the option to get access by inputting your phone number or by even sending a text from anywhere, until and unless the door will not open. On your smartphone’s screen, you can see who is knocking on your front door.

4) Notify and cancel all the house-related services

If a burglar sees piles of newspaper on your doorstep, it will make your home an obvious target for a break-in. Hence it is advisable to cancel all the services like the newspaper, milk, groceries, and any other items.

5) Leverage the help of advancement in lighting systems

Now with automatic switches and efficiency of lighting systems, you can make it appear as if you’re home. Automatic lights are now inexpensive and easy to install. By setting up internal and outdoor lights on automatic switches, you can make an illusion that you are at home.

6) Unplug all the electrical appliances

Burglars and thieves are always not the danger. Electrical short-circuits can also become the threatening factor. A high-power surge situation can not only damage the plugged appliances but can even spark a fire. Hence it is always advisable to unplug all the appliances while you are away.

7) Get your property insured

Another important parameter that will keep your home safe under any unforeseen condition is the property insurance.

A basic home insurance policy covers fire and allied perils, like lightning, storm and flood, while a comprehensive home insurance policy also insures the contents of a house against damage, burglary, electrical and mechanical breakdown.

We have many valuable contents in our home, and thus property insurance can be used to protect and secure them. Aproperty insurance policy must always include contents cover for valuable items while you are away on extended holidays.

Make sure that in your home insurance policy your valuable personal property is covered for its full value.

Read the policy carefully

However, while selecting a home insurance policy in India, carefully read the policy guidelines and enquire about the insurer. Some companies may provide you unbelievable rates. If such company is unknown and rates are exceptionally good, it is a red flag situation, so be aware.

While buying the policy have a careful look at what it covers and what it doesn’t. Always remember that cheap insurance will be ultimately expensive.

Having a property insurance won’t prevent damage to your home or belongings, but it provides financialsecurityfor an unexpected hour.

When you have a policy in place, you are better equipped to fight the crisis knowing that your property insurancewill help cover the cost of damages and help you get on your feet again.


Holidays are meant to relax and therefore, take the above cues to keep your house safe. Also, buy ahome insurance policy to get extra security in case thieves, burglars or any other unfortunate events decide to visit your house in your absence!